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Renting a Car in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here to help you find the perfect Dubai hotel, and at the best rates possible.
If you are looking for a typical vacation hotel
then you may be hard pressed to find it in
Dubai. But if you want to find something that
is a little out of the ordinary then
hotels may be just what you are looking for. 
Dubai is an extraordinary hotel paradise which offers
dramatic views, rich cultural experiences, and unbelievable hotels that will
give you memories that last a lifetime. There are numerous hotels in
Dubai to choose from for
people with all different budgets, interests, and tastes. 
As the second largest city in the United Arab
Emirates (UAE),
runs the gamut on hotels. With ultra modern architecture, trendy fashion
districts and a very happening nightlife, you can choose from a number of
hotels in
that can put you right in the middle of the action or you can choose a hotel
that will allow you some peace and quiet. 
Many hotels of Dubai are set
right on the beautiful beaches to give you a sense of being away from the
hustle and bustle of this fast paced world. These are usually the most
luxurious hotels giving you plenty of chance to be pampered and treated like
However, the hotels in the city center are just as
deluxe and are more affordable. No matter whether you want to lounge on the
beach, relax at the spa or be a walk away from the nightlife you have many
options to choose from. 

There are many
hotels that are considered to be top rated, not just in
Dubai, but in the world. They provide
outstanding service and yet you can get some great deals there as well. 
It is one of the reasons the tourism is so popular
because whether you want to live the pampered life or find a budget friendly
hotel you can literally find it all. Many of the typical
Dubai hotels are rated four or five starts,
and even the three star hotels will rival any five star hotels in the Western
The Burj al-Arab (the only Dubai 7 star hotel) is one of the most
luxurious hotels in the world. It is an all-suite hotel that is one of the
finest that the world has to offer. With private check in and a brigade of
butlers at your beck and call you will receive 24-hour attention that is geared
specifically to your high style life. 
However, if you want something more moderately
priced you always choose a hotel that still offers deluxe service without the
high price such as the Le Meridien Dubai(I've seen rates as low
as $109) or the Hilton Dubai (as low as $115). 
If you want just a comfortable clean room to sleep
in you can choose from the Gulf Pearl Hotel or the Panorama Hotel which both
offer great service at inexpensive prices. 
There are more and more hotels under construction
and there will always be so there are quite the choices when it comes to
finding a place to stay. Keep in mind that if you get a
Dubai hotel on the Jumeirah Beach Strip you
are going to pay more money, as most hotels range about $200 per night, but you
will get amazing service at the same time. 
However, no matter what your income you can
certainly find something to suit your taste and price range. Also consider a Dubai hotel apartment to
experience something new. 
Most of the hotels are within an easy drive from
the airport and are very conveniently located around shopping, nightlife, and
historic monuments. The customer service at most hotels are beyond what you
ever expect. 
And no matter where you go you are only within a
short drive of the beaches and restaurants. Most hotels also have restaurants
within so you won't even have to drive if you want to get something quick to
Dubai is all about tourism so it really caters to the
visitors. Whether you choose a budget friendly
Dubai hotel or a luxurious paradise you
certainly won't be disappointed. 


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the best deals in
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= = = = = = = = = = = =

Hotels of Dubai - All Shapes & Sizes

The hotels of
come in all forms, shapes and sizes. From 2 stars to the world's only 7 star
hotel (as of 2007), there are all kinds of
Dubai hotels you can choose to stay at. Read
a bit more about them in this discussion 

Choosing the perfect accommodation in Dubai

You have many options of accommodation in
Dubai. Depending on what you are looking for,
you can stay in hotels, villas, hotel apartments, beach homes, etc. 

Cheap hotel in Dubai - Advice on how to find one

Finding a cheap hotel in
is not impossible contrary to popular belief. Because of the competition and
fear of the big names, even the smaller hotels have to raise their standards up
a notch to remain competitive. 

Choosing Hotel Apartments over Hotels? Why?

Dubai hotel apartments are luxury long term
stay hotels. Consider these if you are planning on visiting
Dubai with your family or if you plan to stay
for a while. Whether it is business or pleasure, you are assured to enjoy your
stay at these hybrid hotel/apartments. 

Experiencing a Dubai Luxury Hotel

Read about the
luxury hotels in this discussion. These hotels are amongst the best in
Dubai and have literally
the heaven to offer to you. Of course you also have the world's only 7 star
hotel in the Burj Al Arab. 

The Only Dubai 7 Star Hotel - Burj Al Arab

Dubai's only 7 star hotel is the Burj Al
Arab. Explore the ?8th wonder of the world? in this discussion. You can also
find out the only hotel in the world more expensive that the Burj here :) 

Exploring the Hotel Apartments in Bur Dubai

hotel apartments are great. Set near the Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai is a happening
place within
You will be close to everything you need such as museums, public
transportation, beaches, parks, souks and much more. 

The Hydropolis Hotel in Dubai

Words are not enough to describe the Hydropolis hotel project in
Dubai. It is the world?s
first luxury hotel being constructed underwater in the world?s playground ?
Find out more in this discussion. 

Grand Hyatt Dubai - Enjoy the Luxury & Sophistication

The Grand Hyatt
Second in popularity only to the Le Meridien Dubai amongst
Dubai visitors, this luxury hotel lives up to
every bit of its praises. 

Le Meridien Dubai - Enjoy the Beautiful Experience

The Le Meridien
Dubai is one of the most popular places to stay in
Dubai for tourists. Explore it further in
this discussion and see why everyone loves it. It is also super affordable for
what you get with it! 

- - - - - - -
Good luck with your hotel search and come back and let us know how it went!


Take care
and see you soon


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