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Hello you,

December is on its way - a month that is loved by many, but at the same time stressful for many. Personally I love December because I get to hang out with my family a little more than usual. But I do realise that for others this might actually be the stressful part.
At the moment I am practicing “going with the flow” and I’d like to invite you to practice with me during December. To me, going with the flow means allowing myself to be absorbed in the here and now, by focusing my entire mind on what is happening in the present moment.

Saying yes to life and especially to people as they present themselves; being mindful about not getting caught up in how I, or rather my belief system, would like them to (or feel they should) behave and relate to each other and me.
Embrace what IS and stop craving for what IS NOT. Instead allow yourself to get caught up in the moment with genuine interest. This might help you to avoid unnecessary relational tension during December and help you to enjoy being around your loved ones much more. This 'technique' basically helps to put your ego (i.e. your personal belief system) aside and allows for love and a feeling of connection with the people around you instead.
Practice going with the flow with us this December with our special surprise event. Find out more below! :-)
Enjoy lovely yogis.
Love Esther

New on Ekhart Yoga

December surprise for EkhartYoga members!

A special event

This December we’re taking a break from our usual monthly featured program and instead we’ll be sprinkling the month with lots of little surprises! We don’t want to give too much away but to whet your appetite, we'll be presenting you with new teachers, some interesting classes, a fun, live event and a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the creative chaos of the EkhartYoga studio at Christmas! Suffice to say we hope to have something to make you laugh, smile, inspire and delight you. Learn more

Join the fun!

Dance your asana!

Facebook Fave

Loads of you loved our Facebook share of this inspiring video. Combining yoga asana with music and movement, it invited a lot of discussion, shares and likes. But what do you think? A fun way of incorporating the physical benefits of the practice for those not ready for the spiritual aspects ... or a step too far away from 'yoga' as we know it?

Watch here

Yoga series

The Koshas - Gateway to the soul

Last week James Reeves completed his 5 part Koshas series for EkhartYoga members, which explores the elements of our being which when welcomed, balanced and transcended enable us to experience our true self. James starts the series with the physical body, journeys through the energy body, onto feelings and emotions; explores thoughts and beliefs and finally ends up at the ‘soul body’ of joy.

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New videos

Classes you liked

Yogic mindfulness with A.G. Mohan

In the second of our interviews, AG Mohan discusses the subject of yoga mindfulness - what it is, how to bring it into our daily life and how the appropriate practice of yogic mindfulness can bring about a state of steadiness and freedom.

Awake with Anat Geiger

This is one of my favourite morning practices at the moment, a gentle awakening of body and mind into the adventures of the day. We finish with a chakra meditation, meant to awaken these centers along the spine. You may need a cushion or block to sit on for meditation.

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Diary of a Yogi - the story so far ...

From the fast and furious pace of film production, through the rituals of life in the Sivananda ashram and onto her first meeting with Donna Fahri, Lisa Petersen takes us along for the ride ....

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A pregnant yoga teacher's story

"...your focus is on starting (or developing) a career as a full-time yoga teacher when slowly or more suddenly in the back of your mind a thought comes... 'I want to have a baby!' "

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Anatomy Yamuna workshop with Nichi Green

10th January 2016, London

A complete Introduction to Yamuna Body Rolling. Relax, rejuvenate and align your body and mind.
In this one day workshop Nichi will introduce several Yamuna sequences to remove tension from the legs, back, shoulders and neck.
Yamuna equipment will be on sale after the workshop.

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