GTM's Solar Newsletter | July 25, 2016

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Latest Solar News: White House Calls for 1GW of Solar for Low-Income Housing by 2020; PG&E to Plug Enphase Smart Inverters and SolarCity Storage Systems Into Its Grid Control Platform; And more
Solar Newsletter | July 25, 2016
07.22.16 | Jeff St. John

In Texas, MP2 Energy Sees the ‘Shape’ of Rooftop Solar as Value to Substitute for Net Metering

The SolarCity partner explains how residential PV in a state without NEM works to mitigate risk and fill out the generation mix.

07.22.16 | Michael O'Boyle

Alternatives to Conventional Utility Compensation Can Unlock Untapped Value

Thinking differently about how to prioritize new revenue models for regulated utilities.

07.21.16 | Stephen Lacey

Listen to Our 5 Favorite Episodes of the Interchange—From Solar Politics to the Value of the Grid

Stephen Lacey picks his top conversations of the year.

07.21.16 | Bentham Paulos

Can India Really Build 100 Gigawatts of Solar?

India’s electric grid is a mess. Will solar help—or get bogged down with complexity? Bentham Paulos went to the country to find out.

07.21.16 | Katherine Tweed

White House Calls for 1GW of Solar for Low-Income Housing by 2020

The federal government announces a series of initiatives to boost access to energy efficiency and solar.

07.21.16 | Julia Pyper

What’s Missing From Elon Musk’s New Master Plan for Tesla

Musk gives a glimpse of what the future could look like. Just a glimpse.


How are you incorporating storage into your business plan?

Energy storage installations grew 243% in 2015. SPI is proud to host one of the largest gatherings of energy storage companies in the U.S. and will also feature an education track dedicated to new technology, trends, and analysis of energy storage.
07.19.16 | Jeff St. John

PG&E to Plug Enphase Smart Inverters and SolarCity Storage Systems Into Its Grid Control Platform

How the first big smart inverter-battery test involving real customers could provide a model for aggregators bringing grid services to utilities.

07.19.16 | Staff

From the Editors: Verisk Analytics to Acquire Greentech Media

The exciting next act for Greentech Media.

07.19.16 | Cedric Brehaut

The PV Monitoring Paradox: As M&A Activity Heats Up, the Market Isn’t Consolidating

Who’s the next acquisition target in the solar monitoring space?

07.19.16 | Stephen Lacey

The British Government Closed Its Climate Agency. But That Might Not Be a Bad Thing

Here are some of the stories we’re reading this morning.

07.18.16 | Jason Deign

The Future of Spain’s Solar Industry Is Uncertain Following National Elections

The architect of laws dismantling support for solar remains in power.

07.18.16 | Eric Wesoff

Enphase’s New $25M Loan Bets It All on Next-Gen Microinverters and Energy Storage

Enphase faces a harrowing product-development cycle, cost-reduction plan and production ramp on two new products.

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