Happy New Year!

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Dear Friends and happy Campers, 

Welcome to 2018! After having survived Christmas-dinners and New Years mayhems, make sure to rest well; around the corner lies another festival season filled with sleepless nights, musical discoveries and unexpected encounters with fellow and new friends from all over the world... 



On the last weekend of August we'll return to the leafy forests and mesmerizing lakes of our festival home in Haarlemmermeer, near Amsterdam. A line up with 300 dj's and live acts awaits us this season, and 10 of our biggest headliners will be announced within the next days! So, be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox.


Camping guests will, as always, be treated with exclusive pre- and after-parties and are welcomed to stay on our camping grounds until Monday, August 27th. You can either bring your own tent or choose one of the pre-set tent options that we prepare and equip for you - so all you need to do is drop your luggage and off you go!


If you intent on setting any New Year's resolutions, let there be one: come and celebrate with us! If you want to catch your ticket before anyone else, be sure to mark your agenda for Tuesday, February 27th. At 12h (CET) sharp, a limited amount of price-reduced Early Bird tickets will go on sale in our official online ticketshop.

Ticketshop: tickets.mysteryland.nl 


Get ready for an incredible summer. We look forward to unite in August!




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