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Good afternoon my dear friend!
I am the beginner in the Internet also was the first attempt to find friends in
the Internet.
I feel slightly uncertainly. I was registered on this site and
found your structure.
It is interesting to me to learn you closer. I have
overlooked to speak you about myself.
My name Elena and I am 26 years. I live in
small city of Russia.
I hope that it does not frighten you.
My opinion has no
value for you, but I want that you knew that I have only the good relation to
you and your country.
I want that you wrote to me on my personal address -

I shall hope that you write to me very soon.
I shall send necessarily to you my
some photos when you will write to me! And I also want to see your photos. I
sincerely wait for your letter. Do not overlook pinyloxysis@yandex.ru

Sincerely yours Elena


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