Heloise Hints: Reusing Plastic Bags from Newspaper Delivery PLUS: Consequences of Drinking Diet Soda

5 jaren geleden

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Today's hint
Reusing Plastic Bags from Newspaper Delivery

If you have a subscription to your daily newspaper, you probably get it
delivered in a plastic bag, which protects it from the weather.
Instead of throwing them out, save and you can repurpose the bags around
the house. Click here to find out how.

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Consequences of Drinking Diet Soda

Americans drink lots of diet soda and Americans are facing an unprecedented obesity epidemic. This has caused all sorts of medical experts and even Oprah to investigate whether diet soft drinks can...

The Darndest Church
A man goes to a Unitarian Universalist service for the first time, and later is asked what he thought of it.
"Darndest church I ever went to," he replies. "The only time I heard the name of Jesus Christ was when the janitor fell down the stairs!"

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