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The Dubai News (Issue #17)
  Dubai City Information SiteBars in Dubai

Hi again, Sunil
here to talk about the bars in


on what you want, it is easy to have some wild times at the
Dubai bars, and it is just as easy to have a
quiet intimate evening for two.


ladies night at almost every bar and people from all over the world, you can't
help but fall in love with the bars in
This goes for a man or a woman :)


you head out though, there are some rules you need to follow. Most bars have
some sort of dress code for the men, although the ladies have it a little


If you
are planning on making the rounds men should plan on wearing a shirt with a
collar, nice jeans or pants, and proper shoes which means no sandals or


women, you can wear pretty much anything other than sneakers and casual shorts.


than the dress code, you also have to make sure that you don't get to hot and
heavy with your date in public or make a nuisance of yourself as in most bars
around the world.


Many of
the bars are located within hotels rather than stand alone buildings. This is
in large part due to
liquor laws.


choices are endless as to which of the bars in
Dubai to start out with. You can hit the
Issimo Martini bar in the Hilton Dubai Creek.

It is considered to be the most cosmopolitan venue although many
of the visitors don't necessarily agree. Still it is very enjoyable with loud
music and plenty of martinis.

After that you may want to get a little more casual and head to Trader Vic's which is a collection of restaurants
that cater to the bar going crowds after dark. The cocktails are big and
colorful, very potent, but very expensive.

Make sure to check out the Mai
Tai Lounge Bar where you can
get an exotic concoction that has a great name and an even better taste.

Seating is limited but you can move around from place to place to
where you want to sit and stay all night. There is happy hour so if you are on
a budget you may want to go during Happy Hour times to get 50% off all drinks
throughout Trader Vic's. 

For a unique change of pace you can try the Double Decker Bar
which is down to earth and very enjoyable. 
It's considered to be a little rough around the edges which makes it perfect
for the younger crowd really looking to party.

They have various theme nights that offer discounts on pitchers
and kegs of beer as well as ladies nights where you can get free drinks from
the bar if you make them yourself!

If you are looking for something a little more upscale you may
want to try Ginseng which is a sensual bar set for a more private experience.

It is a secret hideaway that is limited to only 65 people so you
can take in the low lighting, candles and amazing cocktails. You can expect
some high prices but they are certainly worth it.

For an all around great time you can gravitate towards the rooftop
swimming pool on top of Hilton Dubai Creek where you can always find a late
night party going on.

It is small but it has great views. For a beach bar you'll want to
try The Cocktail Bar on the 24th floor of the Jumeirah
Beach Hotel which has
excellent views and a great crowd.

Finally to find one of the best bars in
Dubai you should head to 360 which is
located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel Complex as well. It is a very cool bar
located at the end of the marina for open air breezes and great drinks.

Tell us about your best bar experience in Dubai. What is your favorite bar and why?
Share your story with us and we will publish it in the Dubai Personal Storiessection of the
website. Don't miss the chance to become popular! 

= = = = = =

So many have sent us emails asking
what is the best way to communicate with friends and family in
Dubai.  Well there are a few, but we have a good one
that we use most of the time.  We will let
you know of it in the next newsletter.

Don't forget to tell us what you
are interested in so we can bring you ONLY the latest and greatest information
that you are MOST interested in.

care and see you soon...






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