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Happy Saturday! I don't usually send emails on Saturdays, but you're not going to want to miss this.
First, I'm SUPER excited for all the support and encouragement I've heard from so many of you about the new book and Art of Work course. It's been a blast to share that message with so many of you.
Second, thanks for all the questions last week when I asked how I could help you. I had a blast going through those and reading your stories and struggles. I appreciate you trusting me with that. I don't take it lightly.
A lot of you emailed saying that you wanted to get in on one of the trainings I was offering but couldn't because either: a) you didn't have the time to go through all the material I was offering (it would take you months to do so), of b) couldn't afford the in-depth training I was offering.
So I had an idea.
One of the courses we bundled with The Art of Work Writer Track is Intentional Blog -- a four-week, A-to-Z course that will help you launch a blog, build an audience, and get your message heard.
In fact, if you followed my 48-hour challenge last weekend in which I launched a blog from scratch and built it to 100 subscribers without any help from my existing platform, THAT was the process I was using.
We teach you how to do that in Intentional Blog.
Normally, this course is $197. In fact, next week, I'm going to open registration and leave it open to the public for a while at that price. But if you buy this weekend, I'll give it to you for 50% off.
Here's what you'll learn in this five-module course:How to launch a blog from scratch (including step by step instructions on setting one up if you need help) How to decide what kind of content you should create What it takes to create relationships with other influential bloggers Why guest posting is still the secret sauce to hyper growth for a blog (and how to do it right) How to set up an email list and get your first 100 subscribers How to find compelling images for your blog The EXACT process and formula I use to write all my popular postsAnd much more.
It's all HD video of me teaching you everything I've learned in the past decade of blogging and the distillation of all the best stuff I've taught thousands of writers since launching my business.
Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, you should have a blog. This is the way I get speaking gigs and consulting gigs and even how I sell digital products online (not to mention how I've published four successful books, including one national best seller).
Blogging is powerful.
If you have something to say or sell, having a blog is the BEST way to get your message out there.
And in Intentional Blog, I teach you how to do it -- all in 30 days.
Learn more about Intentional Blog here.
P.S. Two quick things. 1) This is a one-time deal that expires on Monday at midnight. 2) Because it's the weekend and my team and I are taking a much needed break, we won't be able to answer any of your questions. But if you're interested, don't miss your chance to jump in!
Here's the link again:
PO Box 1421
Franklin TN 37065
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