How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the Global Order

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Digital Authoritarianism and Liberal Democracy; The Surprising Promise of the Trump-Putin Summit; Don't Get Out of Syria
July 13, 2018
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the Global Order

The Coming Competition Between Digital Authoritarianism and Liberal Democracy
By Nicholas Wright
The Surprising Promise of the Trump-Putin Summit
The Real Opportunity Behind the Media Spectacle
By Michael Kimmage
Don't Get Out of Syria
Assad's Victory Will Only Lead to More Chaos
By Jennifer Cafarella
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Building Public Trust Through Policy

Through seemingly innocuous psychological tests on Facebook, the skill with which Cambridge Analytica—the now-bankrupted political consulting firm based in the UK—combined and analyzed diverse data sets of over 80 million user accounts prove that unethical data mining, brokerage, and analysis have unwittingly become social media companies’ biggest existential threats. This was not a hard-to-predict black-swan event; in contrast, many have sounded the clarion call for action. However, the nature and fervor of these successful start-ups, while admirable, make them especially vulnerable.  Read More >
NATO in the Age of Trump
What It Can and Can’t Accomplish Absent U.S. Leadership
By Julianne Smith and Jim Townsend
Will Brazil’s Next President Be a Far-Right Nationalist?
Why Jair Bolsonaro Is Leading the Polls
By Bruno Carazza
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