How I designed the life I wanted to live

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Hey friend,
Why do some people seem to have it all? Is it luck, hard work, or something else? I think it's more complicated than that.
My friend Michael Hyatt has just about the best framework I know for how to address this.
He teaches that for most people they either follow the "drifting" path or the "determined" one.
But in between those two extremes is an alternative: the designed life.
The designed life is a way of looking at your life not as simply a goal to achieve, but as an adventure to live, one in which you have more control than you realize.
In today's blog post, I share with you how I went from drifting through life to designing the kind of life I wanted, and the unexpected lessons I learned along the way. 
If you want to become a full-time writer, chase your dream, or just feel like you have more control over the story that you're living, I encourage you to check it out.
On Designing the Life You Want to Live
Incidentally, my friend Michael Hyatt has a new video series on designing the best year of your life ever, which addresses this idea. You can check it out here. It doesn't cost a thing.
One of the things that I'm learning about life is that we don't always have control over our circumstances. But we do have control over who we become, and he's taught me more about that than just about anyone else. So don't mis that series.
I'd love to hear from you, though: What does designing your ideal life look like? Where would you start? 
In the post mentioned above, I advocate looking at the things in your life that are "rare," meaning the skills and abilities you have that don't come as easy to other people. Leave a comment there to tell me what that means to you. 
Those things are clues to our calling. For me, understanding this was what made me finally decide to become a full-time writer. It took time and effort, but was worth it.
I hope you take some time today to think about what you were meant to do with your life. Read that article, if it'll help.
And be sure to check out Michael's free video series before it goes away if you want to design your ideal life.
Oh, and here's some links to stuff you may have missed:Art of Charm Podcast interview: How to Find Your Calling

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Let me know how it goes.
P.S. I love hearing from you. Can you do me a favor a leave me a comment about something that's unique to you that isn't something everybody can do? What does your ideal life look like? Leave a comment on today's post.
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