How the Opioid Epidemic Could Go Global

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Opioids of the Masses; The End of the Democratic Century; Can France Be America's New Bridge to Europe?
April 27, 2018
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Opioids of the Masses

Stopping an American Epidemic From Going Global
By Keith Humphreys, Jonathan P. Caulkins, and Vanda Felbab-Brown
The End of the Democratic Century
Autocracy's Global Ascendance
By Yascha Mounk and Roberto Stefan Foa
Can France Be America's New Bridge to Europe?
French Pragmatism Meets America First
By Celia Belin
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How Will America Deal With China's Rising Empire?

Amid rising tensions about a potential full-on trade war with China, Taiwan Straits’ independence, and North Korea’s nuclear program, how should America engage China, an empire embarking on a great revival of centralization? From the war on trade tariffs to conflicting engagement strategies with North Korea and the sensitivities around the Taiwan Straits, analysts in the region are kept on the edge of their seats trying to figure out the next move by either of these superpowers.
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Autocracy With Chinese Characteristics
Beijing's Behind-the-Scenes Reforms
By Yuen Yuen Ang
Keep CRISPR Safe
Regulating a Genetic Revolution
By Amy Gutmann and Jonathan D. Moreno
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