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Good Morning, Do,
Today is Monday, September 11
Remember 9/11 !
Have Fun!
Todays Bonehead Award:
Day care workers stop creep from running off
with 2 tots. Cops tenderize and arrest him.
Today, Sept 11 in
1609 Explorer Henry Hudson sailed into New York harbor and
discovered Manhattan Island and the Hudson River.
See More of what happened on this day in history.
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The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty-five years
ago. The second best time is today.
--- James Carville
When you are young,
you want to be the master of your fate and
the captain of your soul.
When you are older, you dream of being
the master of your weight
and the captain of your bowling team.
--- Socratex
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From deep inside the automobile
there came a dreadful curse,
A man was trying to fold the map,
The way is was at first.

Thanks to Ellen for this one:
One of my picture frames was broken, and I decided to try
my hand at repairing it. A screw was missing in one corner,
so I called the hardware store.
"Do you carry screws for picture frames?" I asked.
"What size do you need?"
"I don't know, but it's rather small."
The man sighed. "Ma'am, we have 'itsy-bitsy' size screws
for a dollar and 49 cents in a package of 10, and we have
'teeny-weeny' size screws , also for a dollar and 49 cents
in a package of 10. I can give you a special deal and sell
you both packages for two dollars and fifty cents.'"

Note the female captain!
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Calvin Davis, 47,
Day care workers stop creep from running off
with 2 tots. Cops tenderize and arrest him.
Day care workers in Delaware stopped a man from walking off
with two babies after the stranger shoved his way into the
facility and grabbed the infants, state police said Friday.
The man rang the front doorbell at Happy Kids Academy in
Newark and pushed a worker to get into the facility, police
spokesman Sgt. Richard Bratz said. The man went to the
infant room, punched another worker in the face, and picked
up two infants, putting one under each arm.
When the man tried to leave with the babies, one of the
workers stood in front of the door to stop him, police said.
The other worker went behind the man and grabbed one baby.
The first worker then caught the second baby as the child
began slipping from the suspect's arm.
The suspect ran from the day care, punching a car in the
parking lot, Bratz said. State and county police officers
saw the man and ordered him to stop walking and show his
hands, police said.
The man refused to obey the officers' orders, Bratz said,
and one officer shot him with a Taser. The man continued to
approach the officer, police said, and the officer tripped
on a curb and fell backward. The officer again deployed the
Taser, authorities said, but the man continued to approach
the officer.
The officer then hit Davis for a while with a baton, and was
able to eventually take him into custody, Bratz said.
Calvin Davis, 47, of Newark was taken to a hospital for
evaluation. When he is released, Bratz said, Davis will be
charged with kidnapping, assault and various other offenses.
The mug shot seems to be from previous arrests.
The injured officer was taken to a hospital. One of the two
babies sustained a minor cut.
Tech Support Pits
From: Chris
Re: Mailing photoshop pictures
Dear Webby,
Good morning and I hope this finds you and yours well.
My husband sent me a group of pictures from his laptop at
work. It's in Adobe Photoshop files and I can't open the
attachment. I get the box with the red X that says it was
unable to open the program because 'qt-mt.dll' wasn't
found and that I should reinstall it. I'm clueless at this
point, can you tell me what that program is and how/where I
go to install it. I have downloaded the photoshop, but
still it isn't working.
Thanks for the jokes, pictures, and teck help.
Have a great and safe weekend!
Dear Chris
Ask hubby to save the files as JPG and then send them
Have FUN!
>From James
Le Petit Chef
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Daily tip from
Pickle Popsicles
By SHARON [16 Posts, 34 Comments]
These popsicles are made from pickle juice. My grandkids
love them. Pour the pickle juice in Popsicle molds, and
freeze. The kids love them, and even my pregnant niece loves
Source: They sell them at my grandson's T-ball games.
By branbrumom from Vian, OK

Puppet sings to Simon - You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman, starts at 1:25
From Obie
Dear Webby
I really enjoy your Daily Humor Letter, all the good jokes,
without having so many four letter words to make a point.
The Tech Support, Bonehead Awards are real nice too.
I also enjoy the BONUS links a lot. You are doing GREAT.
You Never Know What You'll Find!
A very young couple had just gotten married and decided to
spend their honeymoon in a large Manhattan hotel. Showing
signs of nervousness the young man approached the check-in
"Good evening, sir," said the official behind the desk,
favoring the young man with a perceptive wink. "Suite 16?"
"Oh, no!" the young man responded quickly. "She's eighteen."
Ophelia Dingbatter's
No sermon and not suitable for church, just jokes
and fun for grownups. Read it on-line or subscribe. If you
subscribe, look for the double opt-in confirmation request.
From the Classified Ads:
Auto Repair Service. Free pick-up and delivery. Try us once,
you'll never go anywhere again.
Our experienced Mom will care for your child. Fenced yard,
meals, and smacks included.
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Stock up and save. Limit: one. Semi-Annual after-Christmas
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Mixing bowl set designed to please a cook with round bottom
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Dinner Special -- Turkey $2.35; Chicken or Beef $2.25;
Children $2.00
Today, Sept 11, in
1297 Scotsman William Wallace defeated the English forces of
Sir Hugh de Cressingham at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.
1499 French forces took over Milan, Italy.
1609 Explorer Henry Hudson sailed into New York harbor and
discovered Manhattan Island and the Hudson River.
1695 Imperial troops under Eugene of Savoy defeated the
Turks at the Battle of Zenta.
1709 An Anglo-Dutch-Austrian force defeated the French in
the Battle of Malplaquet.
1714 Spanish and French troops broke into Barcelona and
ended Catalonia's sovereignty after 13 months of seige.
1776 A Peace Conference was held between British General
Howe and three representatives of the Continental Congress
(Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge). The
conference failed and the American war for independence
continued for seven years.
1777 American forces, under General George Washington, were
forced to retreat at the Battle of Brandywine Creek by
British forces under William Howe. The Stars and Stripes
(American flag) were carried for the first time in the
1814 The U.S. fleet defeated a squadron of British ships in
the Battle of Lake Champlain, VT.
1842 1,400 Mexican troops captured San Antonio, TX. The
Mexicans retreated with prisoners.
1855 The siege of Sevastopol ended when French, British and
Piedmontese troops captured the main naval base of the
Russian Black fleet in the Crimean War.
1875 "Professor Tidwissel's Burglar Alarm" was featured in
the New York Daily Graphic and became the first comic strip
to appear in a newspaper.
1877 The first comic-character timepiece was patented by the
Waterbury Clock Company.
1883 The mail chute was patented by James Cutler. The new
device was first used in the Elwood Building in Rochester,
1897 A ten-week strike of coal workers in Pennsylvania, WV,
and Ohio came to an end. The workers won an eight-hour
workday, semi-monthly pay, and company stores were
1910 In Hollywood, the first commercially successful
electric bus line opened.
1936 Boulder Dam in Nevada was dedicated by U.S. President
Franklin D. Roosevelt by turning on the dam's first
hydroelectric generator. The dam is now called Hoover Dam.
1941 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave orders to
attack any German or Italian vessels found in U.S. defensive
waters. The U.S. had not officially entered World War II at
this time.
1941 In Arlington, VA, the groundbreaking ceremony for the
Pentagon took place.
1952 Dr. Charles Hufnagel successfully replaced a diseased
aorta valve with an artificial valve made of plastic.
1959 The U.S. Congress passed a bill authorizing the
creation of food stamps.
1965 The 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) arrived in South
Vietnam and was stationed at An Khe.
1974 "Little House On The Prairie" made its television
1977 The Atari 2600 was released. It was originally sold as
the Atari VCS. The system was discontinued on January 1,
1985 A U.S. satellite passed through the tail of the
Giacobini-Zinner comet. It was the first on-the-spot
sampling of a comet.
1990 U.S. President Bush vowed "Saddam Hussein will fail"
while addressing Congress on the Persian Gulf crisis. In the
speech Bush spoke of an objective of a new world order
"freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of
justice, and more secure in the quest for peace".
1991 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev announced that
thousands of troops would be drawn out of Cuba.
1997 Scotland voted to create its own Parliament after 290
years of union with England.
2001 In the U.S., four airliners were hijacked and were
intentionally crashed. Two airliners hit the World Trade
Center, which collapsed shortly after, in New York City, NY.
One airliner hit the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. Another
airliner crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. About 3,000
people were killed.
2012 Terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi,
Libya. Five Americans were killed and ten others were
2017 Do smiled.

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, that's all for today.
Have FUN !
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