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“I have no time to be in a hurry.”  —Henry David Thoreau

Life is too precious to simply race through it, distracted and unaware. Each moment is to be savoured—taste all of the subtle flavours that each moment beholds!

Get out of your head and place your undivided awareness into the totality of what’s unfolding in the present moment instead.

If you’re too busy being busy, then you'll miss out on the very essence of life itself—you'll miss the magic—you’ll never learn to appreciate whatever is directly in front of you. Rather, you’ll always be looking a few inches beyond, ignoring what’s here, now.
The only time you have is right now, and it’s not worth wasting it by being consumed with anxious worry that only exists inside your head,
What’s the rush? Slow down and experience every moment you can.
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by Brian Thompson

New Episode
The Zen Thinking Podcast

Episode 29 — Challenging the Ego in Search of Truth


This week's episode is about challening the ego to a life or death duel in search for truth. 
Most of what we perceive in the world—including our universe within—is a fabrication of mind. What we believe to be true, isn't. The stories we wrap ourselves in are nothing but pure fiction, created by an ego desperate to not only survive, but to thrive in the turmoil of your pain.
But the ego can be defeated, and it's done by denying it of belief in any of its thoughts and opinions. The ego will die, when you no longer feed it your attention.
Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the show. 

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