"I'm Sick of Winter" Video Shoot Offer

4 jaren geleden

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Well, it's finally happened. 
I'm officially sick of winter. 
That's a pretty drastic statement coming from someone who loves winter and loves to ski.
This winter has been especially brutal here in NY with extended subzero freezing temperatures, multiple snowstorms and never ending cold.
If you live and work outside of New York, I have a very simple and straightforward offer for you.
I need to get out of the freezing cold and the first six people who take me up on my offer will save $2000, $4000 or $6000 respectively on their 30, 50 or 100 video marketing program.
You have only till 5pm on Friday, February 7, 2014 to take me up on my 'I'm Sick of Winter' offer.
After that, I'm heading to Sanibel, Florida to warm my toes in the sun-drenched sand.
Your choice. 
Simply reply to this email by saying "I'm ready to sign up for your [fill in the # of videos] video program. Send me the link to sign up!" and I'll get you squared away.
I'm freezing here while I write this. Get me to a warmer climate now!
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