Is the Rain Stealing Nitrogen from Your Corn?

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Is the Rain Stealing Nitrogen from Your Corn?

Some parts of the country have recently experienced heavy rains. Producers in these areas may have concerns about nitrogen loss in corn fields.

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By no means would we suggest that the direction of the dollar does not have a legitimate impact on the overall longer-term direction of commodities in general, but rarely should it qualify as a reason to buy or sell on any given day.

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Pathologists Eyeball 3 Big Corn Diseases

Rain makes grain, but it can also ramp up disease pressure. In areas such as Iowa, where 2015 precipitation totals have been consistently well above normal, potential yield loss from corn disease could shape up to be a real concern.

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Rain Delays Threaten Basis

Challenges moving grain from elevators amid rain and rising river levels could penalize farmers in the form of basis, explains Joe Vaclavik, Standard Grain.

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