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Every step counts

Be here now

Hello you,

You probably know how easy it is to become obsessed by the end result of an effort? Itā€™s like all the steps that we have to take to get thereĀ have no realĀ worth in themselves - all that matters is the goal.Ā 

We donā€™t give those steps in between our full undivided attention. For the mind it is all about the next moment; about getting there, believing that there is always something or somewhere better then Here.Ā 

What helps is knowing that basically this is what the mind does if left to its own devices. Itā€™s the nature of the mind to constantlyĀ be seeking the next thing.Ā 

My invitation to you is to be aware of this tendency of the mind to be always on to the next thing and to consciously be more aware of the present moment andĀ all the steps in between. Slowing yourself down is one technique that helps to settle the mind. For example if you'reĀ walking to the shop - walk -Ā donā€™t already be in the shop with your mind -Ā smell the roses (or dog poo!) on the way to the shop instead.. Another thing that helps is cultivating curiosity through the senses: what does it feel, smell, taste like, what do youĀ hear etc.. Ā 

Please keep on reading to exploreĀ different ways to make the journey count!Ā 



Exploration, not destination

Letting go of attachment...

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"Let your concern be with the action alone, and never with the fruits of action. Do not let the results of your action be your motive, and do not be attached to inaction"

Off the mat, how often do we worry about what might come of the effort we put into a project at work, a holiday weā€™re planning, or a meal weā€™re preparing, that we never really enjoy the process itself?
On the mat, how often do we feel frustrated (or even angry)Ā because we cannot 'achieve' a particularĀ pose?
How do we let go of our attachmentĀ to the destinationĀ and instead enjoy the ride...?


Let go of your ego and pick up your smile

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Does this remind you of anyone? ;)
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