July 16 - Successful districts bring their own challenges | Cybersecurity CTE programs on the rise

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Cybersecurity CTE programs on the rise; Examining research key to maximizing ROI on ed tech; 8 ways to prevent chronic absenteeism; Advocates push replacing letter grades with more specific success metrics

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| July​ 16,​ 2018

Leading a successful school district brings its own set of challenges


The superintendent of a small, but high-performing district focuses on social-emotional learning to maintain excellence.


Cybersecurity CTE programs on the rise


The push comes amid a skills shortage projected to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs in the high-demand sector over the next three years.


Examining research key to maximizing ROI on ed tech


Examining other districts' best practices, hearing from educators already using a tool, and keeping teachers in the loop can help schools and districts avoid costly errors.


8 ways to prevent chronic absenteeism


David Hardy, CEO of Ohio's Lorain City School District, writes that when children improve their attendance, they have more time for learning and raise their chances for success in school and life.


Advocates push replacing letter grades with more specific success metrics


The A-F school "grading" system is under fire in states from Ohio to Florida, as advocates want school accountability measures to convey more specifics to the school community.  

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Pre-to-3: Young black men explore a pathway to early-childhood education


The Leading Men Fellowship provides extra literacy support in the early years while also preparing young black men to be more successful in college. 


NPC 2018: What are the greatest challenges for a first-year principal?


New school leaders may bring plenty of enthusiasm to the job, but reality sometimes sets in quick.

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