July 17 - Meeting the needs of students impacted by immigration policies | OER boosts grades

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Philadelphia institution to offer graduate-level marijuana therapy programs; Study indicates free textbooks boost grades; Michigan colleges hope to lure missing rural students; 4 things every aspiring college president needs to know

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| July​ 17,​ 2018

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How higher ed leaders grapple with the impact of immigration policy


Most Latinx students are U.S. citizens, but the political climate affects their ability to feel welcome on campus. Here's a look at the ways institutions are supporting these students.


Philadelphia institution to offer graduate-level marijuana therapy programs


Thomas Jefferson University is starting two evidence-based certifications in medical marijuana this fall and another one next year.


Study indicates free textbooks boost grades


A University of Georgia report shows grades improved and the dropout rate declined with the use of open educational resources.

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Michigan colleges hope to lure missing rural students


State higher education officials try various approaches to help students overcome fears and misinformation enrolling in college. 


4 things every aspiring college president needs to know


Presidents share advice for those hoping to move into the next level of leadership.

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