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The Dubai News (Special Edition)
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Our List of Most Credible Dubai Resources
Here it is
finally. We have received so many requests to list out the top resources we
have on
Dubai.  So
and I spent some of our time this month coming up with a list of top credible
resources we have come across and used extensively over the years. 
We hope that you find these equally as
helpful as we did.
The Best All Around Guide on

We really
like All
Things Dubai
.  It is the most
comprehensive and accurate guide and we have yet to find a better one.

We also like
the Dubai Secrets
guide a lot. It is very practical and contains a lot of good information. We
own both guides and frequently use each. We do get updated versions for free so
we are always on top of the latest and greatest in

The Best Guide on Getting a Job in
The Dubai Job Secrets Guide
is one of Sunil's favorites.  (Sunil
here) When I was looking for a job in
I used this practical guide and landed 3 excellent offers within 3 weeks.  
The guide is excellent as it covers insider
information generally not known or found elsewhere as well as detailed and
practical steps on how to land the job you want.

The Best Guide on Investing in

Also one of Sunil's top favorites. Dubai Investing Secrets -
this is the best guide to investing in
compiled by experienced investors. Whether you want to start your own business,
invest in one or buy property in
Ideal for both real estate and businesses. 


The Best Calling Card to

Comfi. There is absolutely
no competition. Unbeatable rates and excellent customer service. No rounding or
scamming. These guys are not just the best to call
Dubai with but you will find that their rates
are very competitive on a global basis.

Tourism Brochure

We definitely
recommend you order this FREE tourist resource. We have partnered with InfoHub
to provide this guide free to our subscribers and readers so make sure you take
advantage of it.  
You can request your free
Dubai tourism guide brochure today at no cost
and we certainly hope that you enjoy this free perk. Just click on the link and
scroll all the way to the bottom to order a
Dubai specific guide. 
Most Comprehensive Database of Jobs in

Bayt - Most frequently
updated and reliable. Sunil used this database after reading the Job guide (scroll

Best Tour Packages With Best Deals

Viator - We have done several
tours (chopper, safari, etc).  This
company is excellent to buy tour packages from.  If you are more of a hands-off person and want
someone else to arrange the tour, then scroll below and read about Kuoni.

Most Effective & Economical
Dubai Singles Site

Arab Lounge - Neither one
of us has used their subscription but we know 2 that got hooked pretty fast. The
rates appear reasonable too compared to some of the other single sites out

Best Deals on Car Rentals and Flights (Up to
60% Off)

Ian has the best deals on
cars and flights - We shop around time and again and always come back to them

Best Deals on Hotels (Low Rate Guarantee)

We have
always used Hotels Combined
and have never felt that we overpaid.  

Best Images & Posters of
(Voted #1
Souvenir Online Shop)

- Sunil's office has a
few pieces from this collection

Also check
out our small collection of Dubai
souvenirs here

Best Dubai Tour Arrangement Company

Each time we
have hired someone to arrange tours for us or friends and family, it has always
been Kuoni.  This is what these guys do.  We find their rates very reasonable and love
their services.

Best Books & DVDs on

You definitely have to
check out our book review section for this information. We have reviewed a ton
of these and you will find our personal reviews on each in the Dubai Book
section on our website.

 = = = = = =

We certainly hope that you find
these resources equally as helpful as we have over the years.  We will update you if we come across anything
better in the future, and please do the same for us.  We can all learn from one another.

Take care
and see you soon...


friendly hosts - Kish & Sunil

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