Krazy Kalifornia Kutback Korrections

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  June 24, 2015 Subscribe   The editors of Beef Today comb the Internet to discover news cattle producers can use By Greg Henderson and FriendsKrazy Kalifornia Kutback Korrections Golden State citizens are uniting in shared pain and collective solutions to meet the challenges of the continuing drought that state suffers.
Well, sort of:
— Surrounded by suburbanites painting their lawns green to replace grass browned out by watering bans.
— Makers of personal hygiene products and medical cleaners that allow people to keep clean without the use of water has led to speculation California is undergoing a dramatic shift away from daily showers. .
— On the urging of environmental activists like Greywater Action, plumbing systems in more than a million California homes that drain used water untreated into lakes and streams have now been granted legal status by drought-induced building code changes making such grey-water systems legal. The next frontier, according to Greywater Action? Composting toilets. (Trust us, folks, we farmers who have passing acquaintance with those can attest they're not all they're cracked up to be.)
All hail to the red, white and brown
(CBS San Fransisco)

Let's shower less together, California (Bloomberg)
Where the water's only a little dirty
(Greywater Action)

Let's recycle that shower, shall we?
(St. Louis Today)

Farmers have been there, done that toilet thing (Hackers Creek) ADVERTISEMENT Given the Current State of Your Fields, Will You Replant?
Take the poll and see how other farmers from across the country have answered. Plus, check out the results of previous polls. Attention Shoppers: Plenty of Room Open in the Vegan Produce Aisle Filmed and put on Youtube by a concerned shopper, this riot broke out in England when impatient meat-eaters wearied of waiting for supermarket staff repeatedly delaying the opening of the meatcase for the latest meat sale.
Sit! Stay! Riot! (YouTube)
Went to a meatcase, and a riot broke out
(Meat Info UK)
And Still, 500 Times More Likely than Dying from Antibiotic-Treated Beef Inspired by news of summer shark attacks, this enterprising Washington Post reporter delved into the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's statistical database on causes of death to determine which animal is really most likely to kill you this summer. Sharks were pretty low on the list, although the perilous bovine did rise to account for 20 American deaths annually. Still, dying from encountering the live version is 500 times more likely than dying from an antibiotic-resistant infection caused by eating a burger made from it.
Death by animal (Washington Post)
The risk is not the antibiotic (Antibiotic Truths) ADVERTISEMENT Get More Money from Your Land... With Minimal Work
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