Luxembourg - Best Ideas for Corporate Finance, Fund Promoters and Family Offices

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Luxembourg - Best Ideas for Corporate Finance,

Fund Promoters and Family Offices

April 2017


Setup your Fund


AIFM < EUR 100 mio

Raising Capital in Luxembourg

Mini-Bond Issuance

Asset Backed securities

Moving to Luxembourg

Why and how ?

Family Trust


Setup your unregulated investment fund in a matter of days ...

The SLP is a flexible and fast solution for Alternative Investment strategies. It is a form of company which can be incorporated in Luxembourg by one General Partner (GP) and one Limited Partner (LP-investor), with many advantages such as:

no prior regulatory approval

investment in any type of assets (hedge fund, private equity, direct lending, green energy, real estate, etc.)

no custodian or audit required

fully tax transparent


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Raising Capital in Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers many ways to raise capital, enabling corporations, promoters and entrepreneurs to structure their capital raising activity. They can use funds, both public and private placement funds, the holding structure, the SOPARFI, but also equities. Issuing equity is particularly adapted to small companies which wants to attract new capital and provides investors with a share in the overall returns and potentially even decision influence or even control over a company. See how to setup a capital raising vehicle in Luxembourg.


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Moving to Luxembourg

Whether UHNWIs and Single Family Offices' estate consists of a real estate, a private jet, a superyacht, artworks, private equity investments or securities, they can never be too careful on how to structure it.

This is why they are considering Luxembourg and seeking advice on how to structure and protect their assets.

Families also choose to move to Luxembourg for its stability and security. It’s quite a simple process, and the registration can be completed in a few days, with special residence permit schemes for non-EU nationals.

Those who move can benefit from a high standard of living, as well as a friendly legal and tax framework.


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Moreover, to structure the holding of the Family's Wealth, Luxembourg proposes a flexible vehicle, the Special Limited Partnership (SLP), which can be used as a Family Trust. Request our Creavision on this subject.


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