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I wanted to let you know that we have just issued several new CreaVision on
new significant features recently launched in Luxembourg which I though might be of interest for you:

Crypto Fund / Blockchain / Special Limited Partnership (SLP) / ICOs:
thanks to this unregulated (<100mio€) flexible tax transparent
investment fund vehicle used for Alternative Investments Funds and their managers investing in crypto currencies (Bitcoins), the blockchain industry, the securitisation of new currencies, private equity structure investing ICOs,
etc. For more information


New Intellectual Property regime
– with effective tax rate of 5, 2%
which complies with the Nexus Approach (BEPS).
More information on our website


Securitisation Platform:
increased attractiveness of our platform to securitise, hold, or manage underlying assets like receivables, real estate, fleets of cars, ships, aircraft, Artworks, infrastructure projects, issuing Bonds, wrappers, Actively Managed Certificates, index, derivatives.
More information on our website


Luxembourg Private Investment trust:
using the SLP as a solution for families and HNWIs to hold, protect and transfer assets to the next generation.
For more information


Please just reply by “1”, “2”, “3” or “4” or “ALL” to this email and I will send you the relevant CreaVision in return.

Best regards,

Sophie Ackermann

Client Liaison Officer


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