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The real story in Ontario: Prorogation
Read the column everyone was talking about in the wake of Dalton McGuinty’s resignation earlier this week

The Maclean’s Bachelor Party: Week 3
What we learned about life and love in this week’s episode

Introducing the Science-ish Podcast
Our food blogger asked for your questions on vaccines. Then she answered.

In conversation with Jamie Oliver
‘Wow, that is some question,’ the celebrity chef told our resident food blogger. A mouthwatering Q&A.

An economy awash in oil
by Colby Cosh
Forget the doomsayers. Cheap abundant fossil fuels will drive our future.

NFL Picks Week 7: Tony Romo, champion brain thinker!
by Scott Reid and Scott Feschuk
Scott Reid and Scott Feschuk pick the games (though admittedly not very well)

The best of ‘binders with women’
Twitter replies to Romney feature Big Bird, Texts from Hillary and McKayla Maroney

Halifax’s “Dawg Father” counting on the student vote
Hot dog vendor (and convict) is running for city council

Students still can’t find rooms—in October
The fights, the tears, and the desperation in Toronto

1. Barack Obama got shellacked in the first U.S. presidential debate
2. Canada’s 50 best employers
3. Dalton McGuinty’s resignation leaves much unresolved, including his future
Did Obama's latest debate performance seal the election for him?
Yes, after his pummelling of Romney, the President has it in the bag
It doesn't matter how well he did, America is ready for a change
I wouldn't call that a winning performance
This race is too close to call

In conversation with Nancy Richler
Brian Bethune’s conversation series features Giller nominees. In this edition, he speaks with the author of The Imposter Bride.
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