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Canada's all-or-nothing abortion debate
The Conservatives didn't want to open debate surrounding Bill M-312. MPs weighed in anyway

The Maclean's Bachelor panel
One bachelor, three critics, countless possibilities

Justin Trudeau quotes Goethe - sort of
Justin Trudeau's literary sources: they're tough to track down

NFL Picks, Week 5
So we're professional beer pong players now

Omar Khadr: into the unknown
by Michael Friscolanti
Khadr lived in Guant‡namo Bay far longer than Canada. What will happen now that he's 'home'?

Thirteen episodes at a time
by Jaime Weinman
TV critic Jaime Weinman on Arrested Development and the release of a season - all episodes at once

How the Stanley Cup spent its summer vacation
by Alan Parker
80,000 km, two continents, and four months of travel

10 backup careers for new teachers
10 backup careers for new teachers

Canadian universities drop in Times World Rankings
Only two of 19 schools improve their positions

1. The 50 best restaurants in Canada
2. Who won the U.S. presidential debate? Depends who you follow
3. Polls put Romney in No. 1 spot
Justin Trudeau: saviour, liability or ‘meh’?
Saviour, he's going to rebuild the Liberal party.
Liability. There's nothing there beyond his father's name.
Meh. Saviour or liability I don't much care what happens to the Liberal party.
Too soon to tell. Let's wait and see what he can do.

REVIEW: Come In, We're Closed by Christine Carroll and Jody Eddy
Jessica Allen reviews a coffee table book on the special magic of the staff meal
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