| Isn't it time to wise up to the wise guys?

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This is your life: every single second of it
Jesse Brown on the crushing sadness of lifehacking

Larry Summers: unplugged at the chateau
With Canada on the edge of a fiscal cliff, our Ottawa intern seeks help from an expert

The Maclean's Bachelor Party: Week 6
The fantasy date episode: Brad hunkers down with three finalists.

Life and death on the internet
Julia Belluz takes a closer look at a $130,000 ‘bake sale’

Expect privacy at work?
by Jesse Brown
You're not unreasonable, says Supreme Court

Michael Snow plays his Trump card
by John Geddes
At 83, the Canadian art icon is fine-tuning his latest project: a 65-storey art show

Does being in politics mean never having to say you're sorry?
by Maclean's
Two years after our cover story provoked a defensive uproar, corruption in Quebec political culture has continued to pile up

Jian Ghomeshi's advice for students
I was jack-of-all-trades and master of none. But it worked.

Student fees? I want my $560 back.
If we wanted these groups, we'd fund them voluntarily

1. Maclean's Bachelor Panel: Week six
2. 'President' Mitt Romney victory website mistakenly goes live
3. Isn't it time to wise up to the wise guys?
Should there be a tax on junk food?
No! The state has no place in the bowels of the nation.
Maybe ... No question something needs to be done.
Yes. Rising obesity carries a significant economic burden.
Don't know, don't care. Canada has bigger problems than obesity.

Barbara Amiel on judging the Writers' Trust Price for non-fiction
Plus this week's bestsellers and reviews
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