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Should you buy an iPhone 5? Probably and here's how.
All things being equal, though, I often prescribe the iPhone, since it's the best total package on the market.

Ontario detective talks mafia, Quebec listens
Mike Amato looks every bit like the cop he is: big, broad-shouldered, bullet-headed, with a near-palpable unease with sitting behind a desk and being asked questions. Yet for two hours Amato did just this.

A rough guide to the Conservatives' carbon tax farce
Herein, everything you need to know to understand the Harper government's latest attempt to attack the NDP.

Reddit co-founder, mass downloader of scholarly work, faces 13 felonies
And now the curious case of 25 year-old Aaron Swartz.

Exclusive: The secret Omar Khadr interview you're not supposed to see
'Get me out of this place,' says the lone Canadian imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay

Stephen Harper's carbon tax smokescreen
by Paul Wells
Conservatives claim Mulcair supports a carbon tax, when he wants the same kind of cap-and-trade plan Harper proposed in 2008

Paul Henderson knew he'd score the winning goal
by Paul Henderson
In that famous 1972 game, he called for his teammate to get off the ice so he could make the shot

Don't tell me non-voters can't complain!
Prof. Pettigrew on why he'd rather not vote

Staying cool---on student budgets---in Halifax
Dalhousie and King's students show us their fall fashion

1. The Commons: The joke is on you, Canada
2. Should you buy an iPhone 5? Probably and here's how
3. Trudeau's big leap—like father, like son
Who is to blame for the NHL lockout?
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman
NHL owners
NHL players
All of the above

'End of Men' author: women are avoiding men, and men are becoming childish
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