NAESP/NPC 2018 see school culture, arts, SEL and discipline take center stage

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Principals and other educators leading pre-K through 8 schools gathered in Orlando, Fla., last week for the annual National Association of Elementary School Principals conference.

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NAESP & NPC Conference Coverage


Conference edition | July 18, 2018


Editor's Note

Principals and other educators leading pre-K through 8 schools gathered in Orlando, Fla., last week for the annual National Association of Elementary School Principals conference. Keynote presentations, including those by Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Sal Khan, as well as in-depth conversations on students’ social-emotional development, school safety and strengthening partnerships with parents were among the highlights.
Almost concurrently, Chicago also hosted the 2018 National Principals Conference, which largely covered the middle and high school grades — though a number of middle and elementary principals were on-hand as well. Among the hot topics: Navigating the first year as an elementary principal, building school culture, rethinking disciplinary approaches, and working to avoid legal hazards.
Education Dive was in attendance at both to cover many of the sessions, as well as the release of “What School Leaders Can Do to Increase Arts Education,” published along with the Arts Education Partnership. For those unable to attend or who couldn’t get around to taking in everything both shows had to offer, we’ve compiled this newsletter to get you up to speed.
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Overheard at The Show


“You tell me a kid can’t learn and you’ve got to go...Every kid deserves our best, straight up.”


– Hamish Brewer, principal at Fred Lynn Middle School in Woodbridge, VA


Event Coverage


NAESP 2018 Day 1: Creating 'arts-rich' schools and setting 'wildly important goals'

Sessions on the first day of the National Association of Elementary School Principals conference featured Franklin Covey Education's Sean Covey, Sal Khan of Khan Academy and a discussion of how principals can address adverse childhood experiences.
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NAESP 2018 Day 2: Principals' workloads have greater emphasis on students' social-emotional needs

Conference presenters also provided examples of how principals can support teachers in blending SEL into academics.
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NAESP 2018 Day 3: Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee advises principals to assemble teams with the right chemistry

"Whatever you feel you need to make the team stronger, work on filling that void," the track and field gold medalist said.
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NPC 2018: What are the greatest challenges for a first-year principal?

New school leaders may bring plenty of enthusiasm to the job, but reality sometimes sets in quick.
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NPC 2018: Administrators detail successes in rethinking their approach to discipline

Helping students identify and correct the challenges contributing to disciplinary issues can set them on the path to success.
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NPC 2018: Principals must avoid these 6 legal hazards

Erring on the side of caution can save administrators headaches in these key scenarios.
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One parting thought


Boosting opportunities in areas like the arts and social-emotional learning while rethinking approaches to discipline and overcoming the many other challenges facing principals are top of mind. But they absolutely require school leaders to build strong school cultures that prioritize these efforts and engage all stakeholders, from faculty and staff to families and the community, to effectively implement them while making sure they land on (and stay on) the radars of policymakers.


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