NEW AIMS v4.3.1: Outbound APIs and new features

3 jaren geleden
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Today, we're releasing AIMS for BizTalk v4.3.1. The biggest news about this release is the publishing of our outbound APIs. The new AIMS Plugin APIs allows you to extract all information visible in AIMS and make it available for any external application or system.
The APIs are Swagger-enabled for speedy implementation. So you can go ahead and populate your favorite Power BI tool, or enterprise monitoring tool with AIMS data! More information on the new APIs will be published soon.

In v4.3.1, there are even more options for you to customize your AIMS to suit your needs and preferences as a user or company. There are a number of new features and improvements, here we provide a list of a few of them.

Here are some of the new features being made available in client's SaaS environments today:

As a company admin you can rename your environment: You can now customize the name of your different BizTalk environments. This provides users with several BizTalk environments better control.
You can configure the delay before a node start/stop notification email is sent out: 
You can now configure the dashboard refresh rate:

Stopped host instances are now also available for view in the Analyzer (in addition to from the dashboard) under "Unhealthy Components"

All product updates are now visible in AIMS, so you can always be up to speed on new features and improvements!


We'll be releasing more in-depth content on the APIs and new features continuously, so make sure you subscribe to our blog to learn how to maximise the value of your AIMS for BizTalk.


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