NEW: Free 30-day Trial of AIMS for BizTalk

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Hi there,

We are now offering a free 30-day trial of AIMS for BizTalk! With the release of v4.2 the install time is now shorter and easier than ever. Simply fill out the form and the software is immediately ready to download, installing in only 2-5 minutes.

AIMS for BizTalk offers complete insight into your BizTalk as well as providing you with the analytics you need to optimize operations, reduce troubleshooting and pro-actively prevent business-critical BizTalk disruption.

This free trial gives you access to ALL the features of AIMS for BizTalk!  

Use it to : 

Understand your BizTalk through auto-detection of workflows
Analyze BizTalk performance & identify Bottlenecks based on real-time performance data collection
Navigate BizTalk works through the topological map (navigate servers, hosts and ports & orchestrations in workflows)
Identify complex performance problems using AIMS pro-active alerts
Create custom reports  and dashboards to align BizTalk Insight with key stakeholder (dev, it ops, managers, C-level)
See real-time and historical BizTalk performance, message, size, latency
Get relevant alerts that reduce triaging of false alerts 
Use color coded pinpointing to easily identify cause and impact of problems
Communicate with Line-of-Business owners how BizTalk is performing

In the v4.2 release we announced that AIMS is no longer BAM reliant. This is the first step towards our new platform code named AIMS CONNECT. This is a monitoring platform for connected applications and solutions with focus on insight and analytics in the complex world of integration. The AIMS platform will  monitor applications and solutions  through exposed APIs that allows you to connect any third party data, solution or application, and through quickly deployed agents that allow you to setup monitoring in 2-5 minutes. During 2015 we will launch the APIs and more agents. The next agent out will support Microsoft Sharepoint.

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See our CTO Marius Storsten's presentation on BAM experiences in large scale deployments from the Belgian BizTalk User Group's Integration Day 2015


Stay tuned for upcoming news about AIMS CONNECT

Read about the new features in AIMS v4.2 and the future development of AIMS

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