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A strong team: Mölgg and Fischer

The successes in the 12l13 season prove the point: Manfred Mölgg (ITA) and Fischer are a strong team. And this team will continue to work together over the coming two years as well, with both sides delighted to have signed the new two-year contract. Because one thing is for sure: the common goal is to keep going from strength to strength...

Sights set on the Olympics: Fischer Sports secures signings of top athletes

As one season comes to an end the preparations of many top Alpine athletes for the next winter season are never far away. And Fischer Sports is also preparing itself to make sure that it will once again be able to fight for the top places in winter 13I14. Extending contracts with Giuliano Razzoli (ITA) and Nicole Hosp (AUT) are not something you can take for granted. Plus the company has an interesting new signing to report: Slalom Europa Cup winner David Ryding from Great Britain will be counting on equipment from Ried in his next races...

Tip: How to look after your cross country skis in Summer

Summer is just around the corner – and slowly but surely, even the keenest of cross country skiers are putting their skis away after the season. But there's more to it than that. The skis still need to be perfectly prepared before they have their well-earned summer break. But why is summer storage preparation so important and what does it involve? The experts at Fischer Sports have put together the key tips and tricks in a short summary so you can continue to get the full benefit from your cross country skis next season, too...

E99 Crown – From North Pole back to the civilisation

Two polar explorers stepped on land in Longyearbyen (the biggest settlement in Svalbard archipelago) at 3rd of July 2012 and completed their 72 days and 1600 kilometers long journey across the Arctic Ocean started from the North Pole. Timo Palo from Estonia and Audun Tholfsen from Norway wrote after their expedition about the E99 Crown – the skis which took them back from North Pole to the civilisation...


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