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The Wednesday Edition - Jun 12, 2019
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Dive into Kate Davies' delicious debut novel In at the Deep End, about a young woman "who may have been looking for love — and pleasure — in all the wrong places (i.e. from men)."
News, immigrant rights, Japanese internment, Trump

The Trump Administration Is Holding Migrant Children in Former Japanese Internment Camps Because We’ve Learned Nothing From History

By Chelsea Steiner on Wed,4:42
The use of Fort Sill as a detainment camp serves as a stark reminder of America's shameful history, where the government forcibly removed and imprisoned 120,000 Japanese-Americans during World War II.
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Big on the Internet, comedy, Hannah Gadsby, Louis C.K.

Comedian Hannah Gadsby Calls Out Louis C.K. For Being “Angry and Bitter”

By Kate Gardner on Wed,4:42
"Why do we care what he thinks about the human condition? He needs to worry about his own condition a bit. Just sit quietly."
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Gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, women in gaming

Dungeons & Dragons Streamers & Creators Discuss the Game’s Evolution of Representation

By Vivian Kane on Wed,3:46
"Women" as a monolith is not the end-all of inclusion. Going into the recent mega-event of D&D Live: The Descent, I was curious to see how the streamers and creators present felt about the evolution of intersectional representation.
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TV, D.B Weiss, David Benioff, Game of Thrones, HBO

Good Job Game of Thrones, Nothing Like Submitting an Episode No One Could See for Best Cinematography

By Princess Weekes on Wed,3:42
Nothing like nominating three of the lowest rated episodes of Game of Thrones' final season for all the biggest awards. Nice job HBO.
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Movies, Men in Black, Men In Black International, reviews

Early Reviews of Men in Black: International Say the Reboot Fails to Capture the Magic of the Original

By Chelsea Steiner on Wed,1:36
The film is currently ranked at 31 percent fresh, with several reviewers weighing in on the lackluster film.
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News, 2020 Presidential election, Joe Biden

Does Joe Biden Really Believe the Things He Says?

By Vivian Kane on Wed,1:23
Joe Biden made some lofty campaign promises this week, from a fantasy of bipartisan cooperation to goals of curing cancer.
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Movies, James Marsden, Scott Summers, Tye Sheridan, X-Men

Doing X-Men‘s Scott Summers Dirty For 20 Years Is a Problem

By Princess Weekes on Wed,1:13
The women of the X-Men have been dealt a bad hand in movie adaptations, but Scott Summers has also been played a really crappy hand.
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News, #MeToo Movement, Max Landis, Whitney Moore

Whitney Moore Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Max Landis of Abuse

By Kate Gardner on Wed,12:41
Despite the myriad allegations and the open secret status of Max Landis's conduct, he still has many projects lined up—even as new stories emerge.
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TV, Netflix, Russian Doll

Death Comes Again as Russian Doll Gets a Season 2

By Rachel Leishman on Wed,11:30
Natasha Lyonne dying in increasingly creative ways isn't exactly a joy to watch (maybe because I love Natasha Lyonne too much) but we get to live in the loop all over again with Russian Doll season two.
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TV, Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus, teenagers

Black Mirror‘s “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” Embodies the Shallow Feminism It Attempts to Skewer

By Chelsea Steiner on Wed,11:24
Black Mirror's 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too' aka the Miley Cyrus episode, embodies the shallow feminism it attempts to satirize.
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Movies, Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, X-Men: Dark Phoenix

There’s One Good Message in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

By Rachel Leishman on Wed,10:44
'Dark Phoenix' isn't great and there are lots of problems throughout, but there is one scene that is an important message for the entire X-Men series.
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Comics, Comixology, exclusive, manga

Exclusive: Female-Created, Lady-Centric Manga MARS and You’re My Pet Coming to ComiXology

By Kaila Hale-Stern on Wed,10:00
ComiXology has an exciting slate of beloved manga made by female creators headed its way, and we've got a sneak peek at covers and pages of MARS and You're My Pet you won't find anywhere else.
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Gaming, Avengers, games

A New Avengers Game Looks like Everyone But the Actual Avengers

By Rachel Leishman on Tue,6:24
These are ... the Avengers?
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Movies, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tom Holland

Things We Saw Today: Tom Holland Brings a “New” Spider-Man Scene to Jimmy Kimmel

By Rachel Leishman on Tue,5:53
Spider-Man: Far From Home is slowly coming our way, and that means even more scenes from the film are finding their way into the world.
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Big on the Internet, Catholic Church, sex education, sexual harassment

Female Students Protest Catholic High School’s Lessons on Sexual Harassment

By Chelsea Steiner on Tue,5:24
Ah yes, the classic "it's your fault for dressing that way" defense.
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