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Dear Friend,
Filled with excitement, we proudly present our official 2017 aftermovie. Watch this recap of our festival adventure, and join us once again on the unforgettable journey that we've made together at Mysteryland 2017. In order to keep our memories authentic, we chose to only use original footage and audio in this film. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
Did you download our official festival app? Then we have a surprise waiting for you. Next to our official aftermovie, we've also created a recap of your personal festival experience. In this short film we'll take you back to the stages you've visited at Mysteryland 2017, guided by the beats of your favourite music genre. To see it, open the Woov app, click on Mysteryland and have a look. If you did not download the WOOV app yet, or deleted it from your phone, you
can still create your own personal aftermovie by downloading the app here.
In 2018, Mysteryland will return to Haarlemmermeer from August 24th until August 26th. You can already secure your tickets this month during our Earliest Bird ticket sales on Tuesday, September 26th at 12h (CEST). A limited amount of Weekend and Camping tickets will become available at a reduced price, so make sure to grab them before they're gone! 
Earliest Bird Camping Ticket: € 135,-
Earliest Bird Weekend Ticket: € 99,- 
Ticketshop: http://tickets.mysteryland.nl

We can't wait to reunite next year! 

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