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Patricia M. Jarzobski, P.C. Personal Injury-Wrongful Death Newsletter - November 2011

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Soft Tissue Injuries
Injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments are considered soft tissue injuries. These types of injuries are usually sprains, strains or contusions (bruises) and do not involve the bones or organs. Such injuries may occur over a long period of time (often job related) or due to a single incident, such as an automobile accident. The most common example of a soft tissue injury due to a single event is whiplash, which is an injury to the neck due to a sharp backwards/forwards motion. Additional types of soft tissue injuries may include tendonitis, bursitis, damage to nerves, dislocation or tearing of a ligament, muscle or tendon. These injuries can be very painful and may take an extensive period of time to heal; some injuries may even be ongoing. If you have been injured, it is important to seek medical attention to evaluate your injuries and treat them. If you have suffered soft tissue injuries, a personal injury attorney may assist you in determining your legal options and seeking compensation for your injuries.
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