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Dear Friend,
We're blown away by the amount of energy and joy that emerges when we unite. Every single visitor contributes to our festival, and only the collective effort of all of you, the artists, and the crew make Mysteryland the beautiful journey we experience year after year.
Every new season, we try to evolve by inviting new artists, live acts and hosting partners, designing new stages, offering a better service, and
making your camping stay as comfortable as possible. 

The planning of our Mysteryland 2018 journey starts right now. This is why your opinion is very important to us and we'd be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to share your experience and thoughts. Everyone who completes the questionnaire will be in the running for 2 Camping Tickets to Mysteryland 2018. 
Click here to start our online questionnaire.
Thank you for your feedback, we will read it carefully!


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