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How well do you know March Madness?; How well do you know your baseball and beer?;
On spies, pirates and bribesBy The Washington Post
The first U.S. criminal cyber charges ever filed against Russian government officials involve:The hacking of the Democratic National Committee.
Interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.
The hacking of millions of Yahoo accounts.
A fake news operation.
Under President Trump's proposed budget, which of these agencies would not face a funding cut?Education Department.
Department of Homeland Security.
Justice Department.
Pirates released the Aris 13 oil tanker days after seizing it off the coast of:Nigeria.
How well do you know March Madness?KidsPost
David J. Phillip/APVillanova University is trying for its second straight men's championship and third overall. The first time they won the championship, in 1985, they set a record as the lowest tournament seed to ever win the title. How low were they seeded?4
Elaine Thompson/APThis player leads the Washington Huskies, and set a new NCAA women's scoring record in February during the final regular-season game of her college career. Who is she?Kelsey Plum
A'ja Wilson
Napheesa Collier
Katie Lou Samuelson
David Banks/Getty ImagesFive men's teams are making their first NCAA tournament appearance this year. Three of those teams are listed below. Which team is not making its first tournament appearance?Northwestern University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Jacksonville State University
University of North Dakota
How well do you know your baseball and beer?Matt Brooks
(Jeff Roberson / AP)Which of these Major League Baseball teams' stadiums is not named after a commercial brewery?Milwaukee Brewers
Houston Astros
Colorado Rockies
St. Louis Cardinals
What brewery, located in the same city as the MLB Hall of Fame, brews a hoppy ale that pays homage to its hometown?Butternuts
Goose Island
Bear Republic
What does the Milwaukee Brewers mustachioed mascot, Bernie Brewer, do to celebrate home runs and victories at the team's ballpark?Twist his mustache
Chug a mug of beer
Ring a giant bell
Slide down a slide
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