Random Acts of Kindness

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Random Acts of Kindness
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Random Acts of Kindness
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Stepping Stones
Issue #157
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Random Acts of Kindness
A friendly encounter or a gentle conversation has the power to set the tone for your whole day. And your attitude can be a catalyst to an act of  Generativity, a term coined by Dr. Erik Erickson. He describes a stage of psychosocial development when older adults have a strong desire to give back. It often takes the form of nurturing actions or creating changes that help others every day in their communities. And studies show that two-way supportive relationships between grandparents and grandchildren provide emotional benefits for both.
It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.      Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson
According to Encore CEO Marc Freedman, in a Huffington Post article entitled Generativity Revolution, "Eight million Americans are already in 'encore careers' that combine their passions with purpose, in fields such as education, health and the environment." Often, one of the first decisions Baby Boomers make in retirement is to do volunteer work for causes greater than themselves that benefit future generations.
Interestingly, recent surveys show that Millennials also see volunteering as a way to further their career goals while making a difference. They want to work for those who are socially responsible, and companies are responding to these expectations. Millennials wanting employee volunteer opportunities and managers hoping to create deeper engagement among employees are slowly shifting the corporate kindness landscape.
Part of a meaningful life is lending a helping hand. If you are grateful for your good fortune or want to leave a legacy, begin with random acts of kindness. Whether you're a Baby Boomer easing into retirement, a Millennial looking for work, or a member of an intergenerational alliance, here are five first steps to jumpstart your kindness project:
Explore a project you believe inFind a network of like-minded peopleConnect with mentors and resourcesTurn obstacles into opportunitiesStay dedicated to your passionWhen we understand our relationship to a broader world we seek to make it better, not only for ourselves but also for others. There's proof that  acts of kindness can increase feeling of connectedness and impact your brain in powerful ways. These attitudes and actions often result in greater happiness and lead to a longer life, so it's a win-win all the way around.
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Our book, Whose Couch Is It Anyway, was featured on CNBC, "On the Money," when co-author Rosemary Lichtman was interviewed by host Contessa Brewer. This show, covering business and financial news, was broadcast on more than 200 local stations across the country. Reacting to a U.S. Census report that 34% of Millennials now live at home, Rosemary focused on how to keep peace in the family. She discussed the financial ramifications of having boomerang kids and provided advice for millions impacted by this phenomenon.
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Whose Couch Is It Anyway? is available both as a soft cover version and as a kindle/iPad version from Fuze Publishing and from Amazon.
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