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Last week I had the privilege to be at a remarkable marketing seminar called "The Titans of Direct Response Marketing" held in Stamford, Connecticut. One of the speakers is the co-founder of a company that creates infomercials to market products on TV.
If you watch any TV at all, you'll be familiar with one of their products, ProActiv, designed to treat acne.
Greg Renker, of the firm Guthy-Renker, was on stage describing how effective their infomercials were.
He mentioned that every time one of their successful infomercials airs, it generates between $100 million-$500 million in sales per year. That's per year! He mentioned that his company spends over $300 million a year in TV advertising and also pays $20 million a year to have celebrities endorse their products.
If those numbers are not remarkable enough, the next question and answer certainly was.
During the Q/A session someone asked Greg Renker, "If you were starting over today, instead of 25 years ago, and had no money to run these massive TV ad campaigns and infomercials, what would you do?"
His one word answer? 
You think he knows something you don't?
If you have not taken advantage of creating great educational video content to market your law firm, what are you waiting for?
If you have videos on YouTube and they're not working for you, reach out to me for a free video audit, and let's find out why they're not working.
Call me. Now.
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