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Hi Do,


 There are two things I know for a fact:

The legal profession isn't going away anytime soon.
Neither is online video.

If you took a moment to read the remarkable statistics I sent you last week (click here for the stats), you would recognize a significant trend...


Online video is only going to get bigger.

Much of the content going online will be video based.


Here's another trend I see:


Some lawyers continue to put their head in the sand and ignore this upward video trend (both desktop & mobile especially).

Other lawyers choose to take advantage of this but have not done it correctly.


Which lawyer are you a little closer to?


Today, I have 3 questions for you...

If you have created video to market your law firm, how are those videos working for you?
If you have not yet started to create video, what are you waiting for?
If you were given the opportunity to create great educational video in a way that was simple, fun and hassle-free, would you do it?

I also have 3 answers for you...

If your videos are not working the way you think they should, you need a video audit...NOW, not LATER.
I know, you're waiting for that next case to finish...or waiting for something else to're just waiting...
Most attorneys don't create video because they see it as time-consuming, technically difficult and a real pain-in-the-behind.

Today, I'd like to offer you an opportunity...


An opportunity to fix what is not working;

A chance to create lots of great educational video in a simple, fun and easy way.


To take advantage of this opportunity, I invite you to call me within the next three days. 


As a practicing attorney, I feel it is my moral obligation to provide you with the most experience and the simplest solution to create lots of great content to market your law firm. I can tell you that my videos are responsible for $8.6 million worth of settlements. That's a fact. How many other video companies in the country can say the same?


The answer: None.


 Here's my offer...

Call me within the next 3 days to see if this is right for you. While on the call, you may be eligible for a scholarship. To learn more, call me at 516-487-8207. Now. Not after this 3 day offer expires.


Looking forward to your call.


Best regards,
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