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Dear Do,

It must be painful when you look at your statistics.


It must be painful when you see the number of cases you have taken in this year compared to last year.

Your referral sources are likely drying up as well.


You go home at night and on your drive home you wonder what happened to all of your referral sources. You wonder why your competitors are apparently getting new cases and you’re not.


I have a confession to make...


But before I tell you what that is I have a spoiler alert. There are two videos at the bottom of this email you need to watch. However, before you watch them, you need to read this email in its’ entirety.


I was in your shoes.

I know that gut-wrenching feeling.

You get it in the bottom of your stomach and it doesn’t go away.


As I would go to sleep each night it would keep me up an extra hour just thinking of why and how I was in this terrible situation.


It’s not a good place to be in.


You know, deep down, that you are a good attorney. You know that your firm does great work for people who need your legal services.


Why then are you having difficulty attracting your ideal clients and consumers to you?


It’s the same exact question I asked myself years ago.




My own answer is that I knew nothing about marketing back then. I had no one to teach me. I had never gone to a marketing seminar. I don’t even think there were legal marketing seminars back then!


My thinking was, I didn’t need to learn about marketing since I was a really good attorney, and I thought that cases would just come to me because I was here.


I had a horrible wakeup call. That was in 2005.


I had been on my own three years at that point, thinking my referrals would increase magically once I was on my own and doing a great job for my existing clients.


In fact, just the opposite happened. My referral sources were drying up. Badly.


 But two things helped me change my life at the same time.


I began to learn about something called “Education-based marketing,” and
YouTube came online.


Little did I know that these two would intersect and allow me the opportunity to attract my ideal clients and consumers in a way that had never been seen before.


Those early years were very difficult. Extremely challenging.


Remember, I knew absolutely nothing about marketing. Yet I had this idea about teaching my ideal clients and consumers things they didn’t know.


I started doing that by writing articles on my website. Then, when YouTube came out I had this crazy idea that I could put this type of information into a video and that someone, somehow would search for it and find it.


That was crazy thinking in 2006.


My wife said I was crazy.

She said “Nobody would ever watch an attorney on video. I certainly wouldn’t.”

My kids said I was wasting all my time trying to create a video.


Thankfully, as loving and as helpful as they were, they didn’t have a true understanding of how powerful video marketing could be. To be honest, I didn’t either, but I had the spark of intensity that said “What if people actually went online to look for information and they found my videos?”


Just imagine.




I’m going to fast forward eight years and save you all the aggravation and trial and error I had to go through in order to teach myself about video and how to market myself using this incredible media.


If you want the long version, meet me at one of the seminars where I’m speaking and I’ll be happy to sit down and chat with you about the trials and tribulations of a trial attorney turned video marketer.




It’s now 2014 and I have over 1200 videos to market my solo practice in one of the most competitive markets in the country. My videos have generated over 765,000 organic views. That’s really not a bad number. On a monthly basis I receive 14,000-15,000 video views.




As a result of this video marketing system, I receive calls and e-mails on a regular basis from injured victims who are actively searching for information about their legal problem.


If you don’t think that video marketing works, I want to share with you a remarkable personal statistic.


Video marketing has been directly responsible for generating $8.6 million worth of settlements in my office over the past eight years. I say that not to brag, but simply to state a fact.




If you are not implementing video in your marketing messages on a regular consistent basis, you are losing great opportunities to connect with viewers who are actively searching for help with their legal problems.




I invite you to click the link below to explore two specific case studies involving cases that came to me directly because of my video marketing.


You have been on my email list for quite a while and I noticed you haven’t taken the next step.


If you think that my knowledge and experience could in any way help you and motivate you to create great educational video to market your law practice then I encourage you to reach out to me immediately.


Waiting to take action until things are perfect will get you nowhere. Believe me. I know. I’ve been there.


As my mentor always taught me, imperfect action is always better than waiting for perfect action.


The time to take action and take your video marketing to another level is now. Watch the two case studies and then reach out to me. Let’s see how I might be able to help you with your video marketing.

Case Study: Aspiration Pneumonia here

Case Study - Brain Damaged Baby

Best regards,

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