Relationship Saver: 5 Ways to Fight Fair

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Relationship Saver: 5 Ways to Fight Fair
Most of us were not taught specifically how to engage in conflicts or disagreements with others in a productive manner. It may seem difficult at first to curb or change your behavior, but these tips for productive arguing can be relationship savers.
4 More Small Signs of Depression
It’s important to be aware of your signs and seek help before things get worse.
Famous People with Mental Illnesses
These celebrities show how important awareness really is – helping millions of others feel like they’re not alone.
Women or Men: Who's More Likely to Initiate a Breakup?
Until recently, it had been found that the leading gender who initiated heterosexual married break-ups was female.
'I Had a Good Childhood, So What's Wrong with Me?'
If you were raised by permissive parents, chances are excellent that you don’t know it.
News & Views
Heavy Alcohol Use Harming US Economy
Heavy drinking is costing the US economy billions of dollars in reduced workplace productivity, crime, and the cost of treating people for health problems caused by excessive drinking.
Staying In Present Moment Tied To Less Obesity
"Dispositional mindfulness," or an awareness of and attention to current thoughts and feelings, is associated with less abdominal fat and obesity.
Inflammation in Brain Linked to Schizophrenia Risk
The novel findings of a new study could completely change our understanding of schizophrenia.
Birth Order Has Only Very Modest Effect on Personality
This question has challenged psychologists for more than 100 years.
Women May Benefit More from Exercise After Menopause
Postmenopausal women may have more control over their body composition than their premenopausal counterparts.
Books at Home Tied to Future Reading Skills
Children who are seldom read to at home are at a disadvantage when they start school.
World of Psychology
Researchers Identify Narcissists with One Question
Researchers determined that one somewhat surprising question could determine whether or not someone is a narcissist. Ultimately, it turns out that narcissists aren't actually afraid to tell you they're narcissists.
6 Secret Signs of Hidden Depression
Lots of people walk through life trying to hide their depression. Some people with hidden depression can conceal their depression like pros.
How Talking to Yourself Can Save Your Marriage
By using this skill at the right times, you are likely to become more receptive and empathetic toward yourself and your spouse.
Helping Someone Else Can Alleviate Depression
This perspective - transcending your pain in loving acts of service - is full of hope, if you can look at it that way.
5 Ways to Handle Criticism Better
The way you respond to criticism at work will go a long way in being seen as a confident, competent professional.
Why Going to Bed Angry Actually Works
Fighting late into the night is just disaster waiting to happen.
Best of our Blogs
How to Forgive Your Partner
(Anger Management) – Forgiveness allows you to let go of the past, while you continue to maintain your best effort and clear thinking about personal responsibility in the present. Here are some choices you can make to foster forgiveness.
One Common Way Depression Manifests Itself in Adolescence
(Practical Psychoanalysis) – Hint: You’ve probably experienced it.
Why Remarriages Fail and How to Avoid It
(The Mixing Bowl) – High divorce rates for remarriages demonstrate the fragility of them, but they do not identify the cause.
Video: Can Thoughts Make Us Sick?
(In Your Own Hands) – In this short video, learn how you can actually reduce emotional distress and cultivate hope and self-efficacy.
How Being Bullied Changed Me
(Cubanity) – Brian wonders how one act of bullying could have such an enormous impact on his psyche.
7 Signs You Are Subconsciously Resisting Change
(NLP Discoveries) - Whether you’re aware or not, the following seven signs may well mean that you are shying away from change.
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He Doesn't Want Kids and I Do
I’m 36 and have been living with my 46-year-old boyfriend for almost 2 years, with his 12- and 13-year-old from previous marriage (full time). For...
I Feel Like I Might Have a Second Personality
I am posing this question here before actually seeking help because I don’t know if this is real or if I want it to be real or if I have...
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Why Do I Only Want the Thrill of the Chase?
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I Am Concerned About My Mental Health
I’m questioning my sanity. Psychosis and similar issues run on my father’s side of the family. Recently I’ve been put on Prozac for my depression. Since, I’ve started to realize...
Should I Listen to My Heart or My Brain?
I’ve been in a semi-serious relationship for the past year and half with a guy I met on a personnel ad. My family does not like him and has wanted...
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