SENG QLD Newsletter - February 2019

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SENG QLD Newsletter - February  2019

Welcome to Newsletter Number 76
Dear SENG Qld members and friends,

Happy New Year! We wish you all the best for 2019.
There is a lot of work to be done regarding sustainable engineering due to the increasingly urgent need to protect the natural environment, by optimising and adapting current engineering practice. Let's think, roll our sleeves up and collaborate, to see what positive impacts we can have upon the monumental problems we are collectively facing.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, or just want to get more involved, come along to the free 2019 SENG season launch social event on February 20th and connect with other like-minded professionals. Find more details below.
If you are a member of the committee, we hope to see you at the next meeting on the 12th February. 
This month's newsletter includes:

Upcoming SENG Events

Other Events

Interesting Snippets

Open for comment

David's Blog

As always, we welcome input from members regarding topics or speakers of interest. Please contact one of the Qld committee members or consider coming along to a committee meeting, held at Engineering House prior to each of our technical seminars. We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

Sustainable Engineering Society

Qld Branch
Engineers Australia.

Upcoming SENG Events 

SENG 2019 Launch

Date:              Wednesday 20th February, 2019
Time:              6:00 - 7:30pm
Presenter:      SENG QLD committee
Venue:            Green Beacon, 26 Helen St, TENERIFFE
Cost:               Free 

This social event will include drinks and networking where we will discuss the future direction of SENG and plan new actions. There will be a presentation by a current member and we will also be inviting people to join the committee.  Purchase your own drinks, nibbles will be provided. 

Sustainable Infrastructure Supporting Resilience 

Date:              Wednesday 13th March
Time:              6:00 - 7:30pm
Presenter:      Panel Discussion
Venue:            Engineering House, 447 Edward St, SPRING HILL
Cost:               Free

This technical event will include a panel discussion addressing recent innovations and best practice tips for engineering sustainable infrastructure to encourage more resilient systems. 

Other Events

IAIA19 - EVOLUTION or Revolution: Where Next for Impact Assessment?
29 April - 2 May 2019
Brisbane Convention Centre
Suite 3 Tonella Commercial Centre
This event is hosted by the International Association for Impact Assessment and will address some of the challenges facing Impact Assessments in the 21st Century. These include attacks from project and policy proponents for impeding the development of projects, and also from environmental and community criticising impact assessments for failing to meaningfully influence project decision-making processes and protect environmental and social values. Both groups criticise impact assessments for being costly, overly procedural and political, and question the value it adds to development and environmental outcomes. Find out more about the event here

World Engineers Convention Australia 2019
20 - 22 November 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, VIC

Co-hosted by Engineers Australia and the World Fderation of Engineering Organizations, this event comprises a waste summit conference, a wastewater summit and waste evolution seminars. The waste summit conference will include case study presentations, ministerial addresses, panel discussion and keynote presentation. The wastewater summit will confront the challenges and opportunities in wastewater treatment through technology, strategy and compliance. The waste evolution seminars showcase new technologies, products and processes touted to change waste management and resource recovery in the near future. Find out more and register here.

Interesting Snippets

For your interest, horror and amusement.
SENG makes no claims regarding the accuracy or currency of these items, but always refer to authoritative sources.

The Story of Stuff Project 
Neighborhoods in Manila, Phillipines, suffering from the impacts of plastic pollution are implementing zero waste programs that collect waste for recycling and organics for compost production. They are also collecitvely seeking to hold the corporations manufacturing the waste products accountable for the adverse impacts of their product. Click here to watch a short introductory video.

New Facility to Massively Reduce Domestic Waste Landfill 
Bioelektra have signed a long-term deal with Shoalhaven City Council, NSW to build and manage a waste processing facility capable of reducing domestic household waste, normally destined for landfill, by up to 90%. The technology treats waste thrown in the red bin and salvages mixed recyclables and extracts heavily reduced quantities os waste for landfill. Find out more here.

Structural Bricks from Biosolids Waste
Researchers at RMIT have developed bricks made with biosolids, offering a sustainable alternative approach for addressing the environmental impacts of biosolids management and brick manufacturing. Find out more about this exciting new research here.

Return and Earn Scheme breaks Recycling Records
The Return and Earn Scheme, which uses automated technology to collect recyclable containers in exchange for a refund, has broken records over the Christmas period in NSW. Read more about this great initiative and its success here.
Australia's Record-Breaking Solar Investment 2018
Australia has undergone a massive shift toward investment in Solar PV technology in 2018, with many records being soundly beaten, repeatedly. Read more here about this exciting divestment toward a more sustainable source of energy.

Awards and Open for Comment

Petition to enact legislation to ban new investments in coal - Sign the petition here for the Queensland Government to enact legislation banning all new investment in coal, oil and gas projects within Queensland, that contribute to global warming.

Moment for Action 

Sign the petition

David's Blog

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