SENG QLD Sept/Oct 2018 Newsletter

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SENG QLD Newsletter - October  2018

Welcome to Newsletter Number 74

Dear SENG Qld members and friends,

Spring has sprung for 2018 and we hope the coming warmer seasons will bring blossoms that flower to bear nourishing fruit for us all. Let's continue to do all that we can to ensure the climate and environmental health remain stable so we can all continue enjoying such vital natural cycles indefinitely.

The 19th Annual Queensland Environmental Student Awards night is to be held on the 17th October at EcoHouse Griffith University, the event's formal co-sponsor. The evening is an opportunity for Qld engineering and science undergraduate students to showcase their thesis projects among industry professionals and leaders. Besides keeping abreast of exciting new research and maintaining connections among industry and academia, supporting this event with your attendance and/or sponsorship strengthens the connections between those of us committed to applying science in a manner that ensures society's developments are engineered in harmony with ecology. Please read more about how you can support this fantastic event below.

This month's newsletter includes:

2018 Qld Environmental Student Award Night

Other Events

Interesting Snippets

Open for comment

David's Blog

As always, we welcome input from members regarding topics or speakers of interest. Please contact one of the Qld committee members or consider coming along to a committee meeting, held at Engineering House prior to each of our technical seminars. We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

Sustainable Engineering Society

Qld Branch
Engineers Australia.

2018 Qld Environmental Student Award Night

Date: Wednesday, 17 October July 2018
Time: 5:30pm to 8:30 pm
Venue: Griffith University EcoHouse - 170 Kessels Road, Building N68, NATHAN QLD 4111
Cost: Free
Hosts: Griffith University EcoHouse
Register: For further information about attending and/or sponsoring the event, please contact Mr Wayne Hickey at

The purpose for the evening is to recognise theses and project works undertaken by engineering and science undergraduate students from Queensland universities in fields including resource management, environment, sustainability, liquid and solid waste management. It also allows a demonstration of the directions in current environmental research and displays the diversity and quality of content in thesis studies from all over Queensland.

Final year engineering and science students from the following universities are being invited submit their research or project work:

Griffith University University of Queensland Queensland University of Technology University of Southern Queensland James Cook University Central Queensland University Sunshine Coast University

Benefits of attendance include the opportunity to meet engineering undergraduates with an active interest in environmental and sustainable outcomes, who will soon be entering the workforce. You will have the opportunity to promote your organisation and possibly gain a quality new staff member or work experience student. You will also be able to network with industry colleagues, gain CPD time and hear about current environmental engineering research underway in Queensland universities.

This event requires strong support to maintain it and opportunities are currently available for Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship packages. If you wish to actively support this great initiative and be formally recognised for doing so, please contact Mr Wayne Hickey on the contact details listed above for information regarding current sponsorship packages on offer.

It is our pleasure to invite your cooperation in supporting the next generation of Environmental Professionals in Queensland. We hope to see you there!

Other Events

Waste EXPO Australia
3 - 4 October 2018
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
This free-to-attend event comprises a waste summit conference, a wastewater summit and waste evolution seminars. The waste summit conference will include case study presentations, ministerial addresses, panel discussion and keynote presentation. The wastewater summit will confront the challenges and opportunities in wastewater treatment through technology, strategy and compliance. The waste evolution seminars showcase new technologies, products and processes touted to change waste management and resource recovery in the near future. Find out more and register here.

4 October 2018
Griffith Universtiy EcoCentre
This free-to-attend is part of the Community Forum series held at the Griffith University EcoCentre and addresses the emergence of electric vehicle on Australian roads. Common questions are answered, such as regarding the range of options, the benefits of each and what role do they play in reducing our transport emissions. Email your RSVP to the or visit their website here for more information about EcoCentre events.

IAIA19 - EVOLUTION or Revolution: Where Next for Impact Assessment?
29 April - 2 May 2019
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Suite 3 Tonella Commercial Centre
This event is hosted by the International Association for Impact Assessment and will address some of the challenges facing Impact Assessments in the 21st Century. These include attacks from project and policy proponents for impeding the development of projects, and also from environmental and community criticising impact assessments for failing to meaningfully influence project decision-making processes and protect environmental and social values. Both groups criticise impact assessments for being costly, overly procedural and political, and question the value it adds to development and environmental outcomes. Find out more about the event here.

Interesting Snippets

For your interest, horror and amusement. SENG makes no claims regarding the accuracy or currency of these items, but always refer to authoritative sources.

Senate Report of Climate Change Impacts
The Environment and Communications References Committee has released a report outlining the findings of their inquiry into climate change impacts on housing, buildings and infrastructure, accounting for the full range of climate scenarios. Download the report from the Analysis and Policy Observatory website here.

New Tech en route to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
A device has been built to address the massive pile of plastic waste, almost the size of Queensland, in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the USA. A 600 m floating boom, created by The Ocean Cleanup, is currently being towed to the site from San Franscisco. Read more here.

The War on Waste
Click here to access the ABC’s War on Waste podcasts, sign up to the email newsletter (for great waste-saving tips), and do what’s Good for your ‘Hood by downloading the Action Toolkit to fight the war on waste in your ‘hood. Thanks Auntie!

Sawmill Waste to Biofuel
A feasibility study is currently underway to evaluate the world's first biorefinery facility  proposed to be built near Port Macqurie, NSW. Australian building materials company Boral is evaluating the potential for converting sawmill residues into renewable diesel and bitumen. Find out more about this emerging, innovative technology from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency website here.

International Zero Waste Movement Grows
Sydney has joined 24 other cities in taking a step closer step towards zero waste. The latest declaration to cut waste sent to landfill and incineration by 50 per cent, which will avoid disposal of at least 87 million tonnes of waste by 2030. Reads more here.

QLD Container Refund Scheme Starting Soon
From November 1st 2018, participating container refund points in Queensland will pay 10 cents per eligible 150 mL to 3 L container. Find more details about the scheme here.

Awards and Open for Comment

Annual Qld Environmental Engineering Student Awards Night - October 2018

SENG and WMAA have been hosting the annual Environmental Student Award in Queensland since 1999.  The event allows Environmental Engineering and Science undergraduate students from Queensland universities to showcase their thesis work to an audience of industry professionals and fellow students. This night also allows a demonstration of the directions in current environmental research and to show the diversity and quality of content in thesis studies from all over Queensland. Find out more about this fantastic honorary event here.

Petition to enact legistlation to ban new investments in coal - Sign the  petition here for the Queensland Government to enact legislation banning all new investment in coal, oil, and gas projects within Queensland, that contribute to global warming.

Moment for Action 

Sign the petition

David's Blog

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