She Came in to Pick Up Her Settlement Check with a Big Smile

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Good morning Do.


On March 31, 2014, I handed her a check.

She is a breast cancer survivor.

She is only 27 years old.


Doctors failed to timely diagnose her breast cancer.

It advanced from stage I to stage IIIB.


She had a double mastectomy.

She had chemotherapy.

She had reconstruction.


Yet, she is a survivor.


She came into the office with a big smile.

She came into the office with a big hug.

She was grateful to be alive.


The money will help her.

The money will help her future.

I settled her case for $1.6 million.


The attorney’s fee on that case was $309,000.


How did I get this case?


Her brother found my breast cancer videos online.

Her brother told her she needed to watch my videos.

She watched my videos.


That prompted her to pick up the phone and call.

That prompted her to make an appointment.

That prompted her to sign up with me.


That’s the power of video marketing.

And, that’s just one case.




Are you frustrated with your video marketing efforts?

Are you unable to create video consistently?

Do you have trouble creating a compelling message?


I have the solution.

I have the answer.

I have the strategies and tactics.


I’d like to share them with you.

The only way to do that is to call me.


It’s that easy.

Call me right now.

Don’t close this email.

Don’t click away.


While your questions are still fresh,

While this email is still open,

Call me. Now.


(516) 487-8207 

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