Sheer terror during blaze | Woman assaulted on kitchen floor | Inside Brisbane's 'bat cave'

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SHEER panic is how a young family felt when they saw flames blowing on to their house in a devastating fire which destroyed two neighbouring homes on Sunday morning.If you cannot read this email please click here

‘It was a nightmare’: Neighbours describe horror blaze

SHEER panic is how a young family felt when they saw flames blowing on to their house in a devastating fire which destroyed two neighbouring homes on Sunday morning.

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Woman assaulted as she slept on kitchen floor

A QUEENSLAND father-of-six has been jailed after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a woman in his house after a night of drinking.

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Step inside Brisbane’s ‘Bat cave’

A SECRET entrance, a hidden gym that could rival a fitness franchise, and a sparkling resort-style pool. Even the garage has been given the luxe touch, and is adorned with basalt lava stone.

Should our sons be playing with dolls?

BEFORE you buy a doll for your daughter or a toy car for your son, think about how your choice will influence their views on gender. The Sunday Mail parenting jury debates the serious side o...

The designers leading a fashion revolution

A FEW years ago fashion designer Becky Morton walked into the factory of a potential supplier and saw mountains of fabric piled in a corner destined for the rubbish tip. In that moment she v...

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Battling Aussies living handout to mouth

SURGING living costs and a prolonged drought have led to a staggering number of Australians seeking food handouts.

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Transition from girl to man like being reborn

GROWING up in the average Australian family and living a regular childhood along with three siblings and two loving parents seems ideal for anyone — but this seemingly perfect life only ma...

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‘No help at all’ for mums after miscarriage

A NEW survey of 1700 Australian women who suffered early miscarriage has revealed three in four felt unsupported, leaving many to seek support on the internet for how to deal with their loss...

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Time to take a holiday from the big four

BY taking on record household debt at a time when interest rates are at record lows, plenty of overstretched people may well find their financial lives will end up in the toilet some time in...

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Goldy’s latest entertainment coup

GOOD things have come in threes for the Gold Coast, which has followed up the Commonwealth Games and Logie Awards by landing another major event.

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