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Thursday 20th August 2015

Another fortnight passes, and another range of comedy releases get ever closer to reaching our shelves. We've DVDs, books, Blu-rays and CDs below - read on to find something to tempt your comedy tastebuds. Don't miss the fantastic cast of In The Red, the classic School For Scoundrels (now in HD), and the range of archive 1930s gems.

New Products
The Delivery Man (DVD)
Newly qualified midwife Matthew Bunting is experiencing a kind of re-birth, having given up his life as a police constable in his mid 30s in the hope of a more meaningful career.
Arriving in his first job as a midwife, and the first male midwife to join Easthill Park, Matthew makes an instant impact on his patients and new team members alike. With Darren Boyd, Fay Ripley & Aisling Bea. Details
Aldwych Farces - Volume Two (DVD)
The farce is perhaps the most celebrated, successful - and hilarious - form of stage comedy; indeed the frenetic page of sitcom hit Fawlty Towers puts it squarely in the farce bracket; during the 1920s & 30s London's Aldwych Theatre became particularly noted as home to a hugely successful series of productions, and 10 were adapted for national film audiences. Here are two more: Details
British Comedies Of The 1930s - Volume 3 (DVD)
A further collection of British comedy films from the 1930s. A glorious glimpse into our rich cinematic heritage. His Wife's Mother (1932) sees a newlywed having a trying time proving his innocence when his mother-in-law catches him kissing another girl; in The Last Coupon (1932) a frugal coal miner turns into a spendthrift when he wins £20,000 on the football pools. Details
The Jessie Matthews Revue - Volume Three (DVD)
Throughout the 1930s Jessie Matthews was Britain's best-loved musical film star, her dynamism and gamine charm captivating audiences on both sides of the Atlantic in a string of box-office hits. This third volume of her films includes 1937 drama Head Over Heels and the 1933 comedy The Man From Toronto, about a couple who must marry to inherit a fortune, despite having never met. Details
Quiet Weekend (DVD)
An invitation to a country retreat unleashes hidden passions in this witty adaptation of Ester McCracken's famous wartime stage comedy.
Billed "The Film of the Play that Beat the Blitz!", Quiet Weekend reunites Silent Dust's Derek Farr with Marjorie Fielding and Frank Cellier, reprising their roles from the 1941 hit Quiet Wedding. Details
For more, see our full list of new releases and items coming soon.
Coming Soon
Off the Mic - The World's Best Stand-Up Comedians Get Serious About Comedy (Book)
Stand-ups discuss what it means to be a comic. Featuring brand new, unseen interviews with Eddie Izzard, Stewart Lee, Sarah Millican, Jim Jefferies, Rich Hall, Mark Watson and many more, comedians discuss the inner-workings of their minds, sharing their secrets, insecurities and successes; their writing processes and audience wrangling tricks; their bugbears and their biggest fears. Details
Bad Education - Series Three (DVD)
It's summer term at Abbey Grove and Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) is back, however this term is going to be a challenge. Alfie's dad Martin Wickers (Harry Enfield) has been appointed as the new deputy head, but at least his relationship with the delightful Miss Gulliver is looking rosy. ...Isn't it? A complete Series 1-3 box set is also available. The feature film spin-off is out tomorrow. Details
Ambassadors - Series 1 (DVD)
David Mitchell and Robert Webb star in this comedy as ambassadors based in the (fictional) country of Tazbekistan.
As they carry out their diplomatic duties, the pair constantly find themselves in trouble with the natives, including when ambassador Davis (Mitchell) accidentally kills an ibex, the country's national animal, and when their 'Best of British' festival fails to inspire the locals. Details
An Actor's Life For Me - Complete Series (DVD)
An Actor's Life For Me is based around Robert Wilson/Neilson, an actor who believes he is about to make it big time. While he never achieves his quest for fame, he always remains optimistic that he will do at the next audition. His girlfriend, Sue Bishop, and agent Desmond Shaw do their best to keep his feet on the ground. Starring John Gordon Sinclair, Gina McKee & Victor Spinetti. Details
Hugh And I - Series 1 & 2 Remaining Episodes (DVD)
Terry Scott is a youngish bachelor who wants to achieve wealth without putting in any hard work. He lives with his mother and their easily led lodger, Hugh Lloyd, who works at a local aircraft factory. The two often try and make money through one of Scott's schemes. Starring two comedy legends and produced by David Croft, we can't recommend this highly enough. Details
In The Red - Complete Series (DVD)
A series of killings of bank managers has London in turmoil, all the way up to Parliament. And the killer regularly calls about his handiwork, but only to a street-wise, and usually rather tipsy, radio reporter, about to be sacked for his habitual irreverence toward his station and the BBC.
The stunning cast list just has to be read to be believed: Details
The Ladykillers - 60th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray)
Classic Ealing comedy in which a group of bank robbers struggle to silence the eccentric old lady who discovers their crime.
Mrs Wilberforce lives alone in King's Cross with her parrots. She has been led to believe that the group of men renting rooms from her are classical musicians; they are, in fact, a gang of fairly ruthless criminals not above silencing a helpless old woman. Details
Last Of The Summer Wine - Series 27 & 28 (DVD)
Finally, the patience of Last Of The Summer Wine fans is to be rewarded with a further collection of adventures in and around Holmfirth, as the trio officially become a quartet. Note that due to an earlier discrepancy with titling this series of DVDs, the included episodes are actually Series 26 and 27 (of 31 in total), from 2005 and 2006. Details
School For Scoundrels (Blu-ray & DVD)
Henry Palfrey (Ian Carmichael) is one of life's losers. Ddisregarded at work, his prospective girlfriend April (Janette Scott) is whisked from under his nose by charming bounder Raymond Delauney (Terry-Thomas).
In desperation, Henry enrols at Stephen Potter's (Alastair Sim) College of Lifemanship, where he gradually learns how to get one up on the other fellow. Blu-ray Details & DVD Details
Cuckoo - Complete Series 2 (DVD)
Two years after the disappearance of Cuckoo, life in the Thompson family house is only just getting back to normal. Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna (Helen Baxendale) are looking forward to a future without the kids under their feet. Rachel is rebuilding her life with new boyfriend Ben - then a stranger, Dale, arrives on the doorstep - the long-lost son that Cuckoo never even knew of. Details
The Boy In The Dress (DVD)
Hit television adaptation of David Walliams's childrens' story about a boy who wears a dress to school. Dennis feels out of place at school despite being the football team's star; when he makes friends with aspiring fashion designer and older schoolmate Lisa, they concoct a plan for him to go to school in the guise of a French girl named Denise... Details
Absolutely Anything (Blu-ray & DVD)
Simon Pegg stars in this British sci-fi comedy directed by Terry Jones.
A group of aliens (voiced by Monty Python members Jones, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle and Michael Palin) are planning to destroy Earth but before doing so test mankind by giving one human, Neil Clarke (Pegg), the power to do absolutely anything. Blu-ray Details & DVD Details
Beyond Our Ken - Series 1 (Audio)
Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Ron Moody star in the surviving 13 episodes from the very first series of the classic weekly show; the forerunner to Round The Horne, which lit up the airwaves between 1958 and 1964. Details
For more, see our full list of new releases and items coming soon.
That's all, folks!
We hope you've found something to tempt your comedy tastebuds - we know we're now itching to spend a few more hard-earned pounds on some of the treats featured here! Don't forget, there's much more on the website.
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