Soccer Star Looks to Heaven After Each Goal Scored, PLUS Thank God for Kid

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5 Happiness Tips

Overcome negativity and embrace the positive in your life with these simple tips.

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Love Is...
| Soccer Star Looks to Heaven After Each Goal Scored
10 Ways You Can Stop Worrying

Worrying too much? Stop worrying! Try these 10 tips on how to stop worry, stress, and anxiety from taking over your life.

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Shine: Bible Verses about Light
| Thank God for Kid
14 Inspiring Quotes from Guy Finley

Enjoy these inspiring quotes on how to walk away from fear and worries, by best-selling author and Beliefnet blogger Guy...

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7 Tips to Dwell Well in a Small Space

Here are few helpful tips to maximize your living space! Visit Beliefnet for more home improvement and better living tips!

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What Music Soothes Your Soul and Refreshes Your Spirit?

Whether it's the lyrics, or tune, or combination of both, the restorative benefits of music is astonishing. Find out what...

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6 Reasons to Observe Lent (Even if You're Not Catholic)

Ash Wednesday is February 22nd and so begins the season of Lent. I grew up a non-denominational Christian and had little experience with Lent. In fact, I remember working at a bookstore and wondering...

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Rabbi in the Catholic Hospital
Rabbi Levy had to spend time in a Catholic hospital. He became friends with the Sister who was a nurse

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