STRONG is the New Skinny

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A 12-Week Workout Plan For Your Best Body Ever Click Here
If you want real results, you need a plan. A smart one.
One that won’t let you get bored in two weeks, or plateau in a month. Most importantly, one that works.

INTRODUCING: THE WOMAN’S GUIDE TO STRENGTH TRAINING from Women’s Health! This first-of-its-kind training guide gives you everything you need to build your leanest, hottest, and healthiest body ever.
An Incredibly Effective 12-Week Workout Plan!
You can sculpt gorgeous curves with cutting-edge workouts that help lean out your legs and waist while perking up your booty and toning your arms.
The moves, the sets, the reps, and the rest are laid out for you, so all you have to do is put in the work, four times a week! And each month, you’ll get a new set of workouts to continually challenge your body — for progress like you’ve never seen before!
The World’s Most Useful Exercise Guide!
Perfect your form with in-depth instructions and photos that illustrate every single exercise in the program.
Beginner-Friendly Workout Tips!
Ever wondered how to choose the right weight, or how to set up a tricky piece of gym equipment? Get insider advice and hacks to help you navigate the weight room and maximize your results, regardless of your experience level.
If you’ve ever wished you had a personal trainer to make getting in shape easy, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.
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