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Breaking News on Supplements, Health & Nutrition - Europe 
Strategic Nutrition for Heart Health Part II
More and more consumers are shopping heart healthy. Read Part II
of our series on Heart Health and learn which nutrients will
help differentiate your products...

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New recommendations could streamline European health claims procedure
A set of recommendations developed by researchers may assist companies in the daunting task of submitting new health claims to the European Union...

All change: Nestl announce Executive Board shuffle and reorganisation of infant nutrition business
The Nestl Board of Directors says it will change the organisation of it infant nutrition to enhance the companys ability to win in the category. The company also announced changes to its Executive Board...

Naturex strengthens natural nutrition position with Swedish Oat Fiber deal
Natural ingredients giant Naturex has confirmed the acquisition of specialised oat-based extracts Swedish Oat Fiber, as the company looks to accelerate the development of its speciality product portfolio...



Frutarom acquires iron micro-encapsulation patent from AB- BIOTICS
Frutarom Industries has agreed to buy the micro-encapsulation technology AB-Fortis from Spanish biotech company AB-Biotics...

Study supports prebiotic potential of Aloe vera polysaccharides
Polysaccharides from Aloe vera may boost the growth of beneficial gut bacteria such as Bifidobacterium spp. and Lactobacillus spp., says a new study from Chile that supports the prebiotic potential of the compounds...

Indonesian seaweed species has high-protein, low-fat health food potential
A type of seaweed found in Indonesian waters could have potential as a health food, according to new research...

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Robuvit: A Novel Solution for Natural Detox
Newly launched Robuvit French oak extract is a caffeine-free natural energizer and supports detoxification and liver function. Research found Robuvit helped recover hepatic function faster and countered symptoms of temporary alcohol-related liver damage...

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Support for digestive health claims among topics for tomorrow's event
Probiotics and prebioticsthe names themselves are a claim, something that companies need always to be aware of. This is one of the topics that will be covered in tomorrows Online Digest Health Conference sponsored by NutraIngredients-USA... Read


FIE 2017

Where ingredients and technology meet
The interplay between packing and processing will be under the spotlight at the at the Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) show, which takes place in Frankfurt later this month (November 2830)... Read

Forest farming seen as sustainable alternative to wildcrafting
An innovative program administered through a Virginia university is fostering a model for increasing supply chain quality and transparency via the cultivation of forest botanicals in situ... Read

How the food sector is fighting plastic waste
Food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly responding to concern over the negative impact that plastic waste is having on the environment... Read


FIE 2017

Go on an interactive journey into taste
Visitors to this months Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) are being invited to go on an interactive journey into the world of taste at Symrises stand (hall 8, stand A69/79)... Read

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