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Support Alerts
Last month we have informed you of a change to how we will notify our customers about new software product versions, obsolescence and migration programs, and security alerts.
The subscription functionality that Subscriber’s Choice has, is being replaced with e-mail notification functionality on Software Support Online. With this consolidation, you will be able to manage all your software product specific notifications from one place, together with notifications you already may have registered to be informed about patches, known problems, support matrices etc.
We recommend users who are not listed as a Bill-to, Sold-to, or Ship-to contact for support subscriptions to register for e-mail notifications on Software Support Online. To register or update your e-mail notifications, first logon with your Software Passport profile, then navigate to the
E-mail notifications section available through the menu Home > E-mail Notification. To register for notifications related to new product versions being released, obsolescence and migration programs and security bulletins, navigate to Register for document e-mail notification
, then select the product(s), version(s) and sub-product(s) as well as the document types you’d like to register for. Information related to new product versions being released and information related to obsolescence and migration programs will be published as Obsolescence Documents (this document type is planned to be renamed to Lifecycle Documents in the future); information related to software security will be published as Security Bulletins. When you’ve made your selections, click on Register to confirm. To check what you’re registered for, navigate to
Manage my e-mail registrations. Should you prefer to subscribe to security bulletins for all software products, you can setup a notification using “security bulletins” as the product name.
We now are switching from the current Subscriber’s Choice system to our new Marketing Cloud based system. From now on, support notifications and alerts will be sent from; please make sure your email client is configured to not consider messages sent from that email address as spam or junk messages.
Micro Focus International uses automatic data collection tools to personalize your experience. For more information regarding Micro Focus International’s privacy policy for Heritage HPE Software or to obtain contact information, please visit our privacy statement for Heritage HPE Software or write to us at Micro Focus International - Attn. Privacy, 1140 Enterprise Way, Sunnyvale, California 94089.
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