Summer Vacations

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Summer Vacations
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Summer Vacations
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Stepping Stones
June, 2016
Issue #150
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Summer Vacations
Now that summertime is officially here, are you ready to plan some time with your family 'off the grid?' Studies indicate that employees who take vacation time are actually more productive overall than their colleagues who decline to be away from the job. They also improve their physical and mental health, avoiding burnout and reducing stress. And research has shown that close relationships improve when the family vacations together. The shared experience facilitates and strengthens bonds, communication and family solidarity.
So, whether you're a Baby Boomer, Gen Y, or Millennial, don't feel guilty, get out of here and have some fun! Take your particular circumstance into account when planning your vacation. You may be interested in seeking some tranquility off the beaten path, adventure travel, bonding at a family reunion, a trip to the shore, the stimulation of education, broadening international travel - or a way to combine some of these.
If you're looking to ground yourself with some serenity in nature, a visit to one of the National Parks may be the perfect trip for you. The National Park Service is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and, on our blog, you can read about experiences in the Grand Canyon as well as adventures in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and Mount Rushmore.
Prefer to stay close to home and explore opportunities in your own neck of the woods? Staycations are still a good way to take a break from work and discover something new. We've got some tips for you on our blog - click here for ideas ranging from local museums to free concerts in the park to investigating a new hobby. Or discover your own local jewel.
In this election year, you may be interested in visiting Washington, D.C. or researching past first families by visiting one of the 20 Presidential Libraries in the U.S. The one honoring Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois is especially meaningful in our search for role models during these current turbulent times.
If your kids are headed to sleep-away camp this summer, it can be just the right time to rejuvenate the relationship with your partner and rekindle the flame between you. Here are 4 tips for creating that adults-only connection again.
And if you'd be happy curling up with a good book on the beach or your book club would like a good discussion this summer, we've got a great suggestion for you: Whose Couch Is It Anyway? Moving Your Millennial!
Are you ready to stretch your boundaries and have the freedom to travel abroad? Look for our July Stepping Stones newsletter where we'll highlight exciting destinations around the world for you to consider visiting.
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